When Christmas time rolls around, my diet suddenly starts to mirror that of a five-year-old child’s: 90% cookies, 10% other stuff. As soon as the first snowflake reaches the ground, my taste buds kick into Power Ranger morphing mode and will only accept the blissful taste of a fresh-from-the-oven cookie. Whether it’s grandma’s old-fashioned sugar cookies or Uncle Joe’s Bourbon balls (not really a cookie, but still counts, right?), no one can deny that they have a favorite holiday recipe. In my sugar-glazed eyes, that special cookie preference reflects a person’s actual personality. Take a look at this list and see how well your favorite holiday treat describes you.

1. Snickerdoodles

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You’re an old soul who enjoys life’s simple pleasures. On any given night, you can be found curled up next to a fireplace with a John Grisham novel and a nice cup of tea.

2. Frosted sugar cookies

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You’re fun, colorful (just like your favorite sprinkles) and always the life of the party. You love making new friends and going on spontaneous fro yo trips.

3. Peanut butter blossoms

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You’re confident in yourself and know what you like. You enjoy classic things, like ACDC and old Coca-Cola ads, and you’re not a big fan of change. Why should anyone try anything better than the greatest food combo of all time, chocolate and peanut butter, anyway?

4. Gingerbread men

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You’re a hardcore traditionalist when it comes to all things in life, especially Christmas. That or you’re just really obsessed with Candy Land.

5. Seven layer bars

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You’re that person at family gatherings who asks for “a little bit of everything” when dessert time rolls around. You love a good all-you-can-eat buffet, but your indecisiveness prevents you from ever committing to a new TV series on Netflix.

6. Andes mint chocolate cookies

Photo from www.fearlesshomemaker.com

You’re a bit of a dare devil and love to live life to the fullest.  You put your all into everything you do and you never order anything smaller than a grande Starbucks latte. With extra whipped cream.

7. Pillsbury Christmas Tree Shape®

Photo from www.pillsbury.com

You’re that kid in college who only shows up to class to take the final exam, yet everyone still seems to love you. Though your laziness sometimes drives your roommates crazy, you’re still everyone’s favorite person to be around.