Look, I don't have a crystal ball or any psychic abilities. However, if I saw you at Chipotle, I promise I can guess what you're about to order in a hot second (call it my super power). So, for all you Chipotle lovers out there, get ready for some real talk. V-day is right around the corner, and it's always a day of surprise. Lucky for you, I'm about to relate Chipotle to your love life and you're going to #relate. 

Burrito Bowl

You're versatile, and into a little of everything. You're down to have a Galentine's Day and chill with your pals, or you'll go out to a bar and party. Essentially, whatever your friends decide to do that night, you won't oppose — you go with the flow and are open to anything. 


You're traditional. You've probably got a smokin' boy or beautiful gal who you plan on having a nice, quiet, evening with at a nice, fancy restaurant. Yay! I'm happy for you! Dive into that burrito and live it up!


You probably hate this holiday and just want to get the least "extra" item Chipotle has to offer. I get it — Mexican cuisine is not for everyone. On this Valentine's Day, you'll probably opt for some Netflix and chill, while snuggled up with your favorite salad option from Chipotle. No shame. 

Soft Flour Tacos 

You're not afraid to get your hands dirty — meaning, you might go on a blind date (swipe right?). You might take the risk of having a amazing time — or you could be terribly disappointed that your soft shell couldn't hold everything together and eventually oozed out of the bottom. Eek.

Crispy Hard Shell Tacos

You love a lil' crunch in your life. While not always the typical choice at Chipotle, you love to be different from the crowd and do your thang. Therefore, you probably plan on getting really f*cked up on Valentine's Day, date or no date. I respect it — have fun and nibble on your crispy corn taco while you're doing it.  

The truth is, anything at Chipotle is delicious; therefore, anything you do this Valentine's Day will probably be good, too. Whether you're spending it alone, with some friends, or with your bae, if you're a Chipotle fiend, you rock, and so will your V-day. Have fun and stop by your local Chipotle for some good eats.