Oh, ice cream. You may be surprised to learn that there’s a science behind eating America’s favorite frozen treat. The way you eat your ice cream is directly linked to various personality traits.

Growing up in a beach town, ice cream has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I have become an expert in the art of eating heaven…oh I’m sorry, *ice cream* (darn spell check). After years of observation and experience, I was able to conclude that the way you eat your ice cream is, in fact, a reflection of your true self.

The Non-Napkiner


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You know them. You’ve seen them. You may even be one of them. This is an individual who goes 100% hands-on with zero protection. Nothing but a mere cone separating them from the ice cream.

Non-Napkiners don’t let anything or anyone hold them back from what they want in life. They are usually free-spirited individuals who don’t let “social norms” such as napkins stop them from enjoying the world and expressing themselves. However, sometimes things get messy when eating ice cream without a napkin, and the next thing you know, you’re in a sticky situation. The Non-Napkiner’s downfall is their impulsiveness; they oftentimes make hasty decisions.

The Cupper

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The person who gets their ice cream in a cup is likely considered the mom of the group… or they may actually be a mom. These “responsible eaters” enjoy every bit of their dessert up to the last spoonful. Cuppers are usually very organized, detail-oriented.

You will never catch a Cupper with a stain or drip of ice cream running down their mouth. That will simply never happen. The only downside to Cuppers is that they may be so worried about neatness and appearance that they find it hard to let loose. So go ahead Cuppers, go wild and spring for a cone next time.

Mainstream Creamers

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Most people fall into this large category of ice cream eaters. When eating ice cream in a cone, they get one or two of their favorite flavors and go to town. They simply lick their ice cream up and down and occasionally around the bottom to stop the possibility of leakage.

Mainstream Creamers are usually fun-loving people who do their best to keep it clean, but don’t let a drip get them down. Mainstream Creamers are usually optimistic and joyful. However, they may find it difficult to break out of their comfort zone. They often times find themselves stuck in a routine or rut and are unwilling to add some flavor to their lives, or their cones.


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Cyclones are definitely fun to watch. Why? Because licking their ice cream cone is a full body experience. You get the head tilt, wrist twist, shoulder lean and subconscious step forward.

As their name suggests, Cyclones seem to spin their whole body in order to get one monster mouthful of ice cream. Cyclones are very active and dynamic people; they are constantly moving. The only downside to being a Cyclone is your appearance as you eat your ice cream.

The Biter


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These people are rare and mysterious, but they do exist. Somehow, these individuals were born with impenetrable enamels and are impervious to cold teeth. They are able to bite right into their ice cream without a flinch. Not to mention the fact that they must be immune to brain freeze.

Biters are people you want on your side if you ever get into a bar fight or need to teach an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend a lesson. They are not fazed by much, and they always face life head on. However, be weary of Biters, as they sometimes can be extremely aggressive people.

Regardless of your eating style, ice cream is always a good idea.