Juice bars have been trendy for a while and we’ve all had time to find our favorite blend of veggies and fruits. Whether you go for a spinach based blend or prefer your apples and oranges, it’s time to find out what your favorite juice says about you.

All Green All the Time

juice bar

Photo by Hannah Lin

If you go for the greenest juice there is, packed with all of the green veggies your mom made you eat as a kid, then you are the Type A health nut. You’re a hard worker and you value your time in the gym just as much as you do your time at work. You have an “I heart kale” t-shirt and you rock it. You don’t like your juice too sweet, so this blend is perfect for you.

Orange Through and Through

juice bar

Photo by Marlee Goldman

You hit the juice bar in the morning so a little orange juice suits you perfectly, you are the party animal and vitamin C is your drug of choice. You like to brunch and go out for drinks on Thursday nights. You’re still best friends with your college roommate and you meet up for pilates on Sundays, only to be followed by juice of course.

An Apple A Day

juice bar

Photo by Mimi Dunn

You prefer to sip your fruit and have maintained your love of apple juice from childhood into adulthood. You’re a mix of Type A and Type B; you know how to have a good time but you can get down to business when necessary. The sugar doesn’t fool you, you know there’s some spinach and celery in there too and a dose of lemon and ginger to add a bite. It’s sweet and serious all in one, just like you.

You Better Beet It

juice bar

Photo by Judy Holtz

You beetnik, you. You are the hippie of the juice bar and you don’t care if your juice is purple, in fact, you dig it. You enjoy a good hike and would rather be camping than waiting in line for your juice.

Sweet and Spicy

juice bar

Photo by Kendra Valkema

If sweet and spicy is your favorite combination of flavors, this juice is for you and defines your personality. Before you get your morning juice you’re a little spicy and once you take your first sip your sweet side kicks in. Ginger-based, this juice is yummy with a kick.

Banana or Bust

juice bar

Photo by Liz Tadie

A banana a day… or something like that. If you prefer a creamier morning beverage, you are the calm juice drinker. You have no problem with long lines at the the juice bar and people watch in silence while sipping your drink. The sugar of banana only mellows you further and prepares you for a sweet day.

Berry Açaí

juice bar

Photo by Rachel Piorko

If you’re all about the açaí and like your berries blended, you’re the beach babe. Between waves you’re sipping this juice or enjoying a fresh açaí bowl. Your bathing suit is your favorite outfit and the sand is your favorite terrain – this juice fuels you for a day in the surf.

The More Bitter the Better

juice bar

Photo by Brittany Arnett

You like your coffee black and your juice bitter. A little lemon and grapefruit and you have the perfect combo of health and sour flavor. Best enjoyed with a newspaper, a classic novel or over deep conversation, the bitter juice is the intellectual’s juice of choice. If that’s you, you’re to the point and don’t have time for unnecessary sugar or sweetness but enjoy the strong bite of bitterness.


juice bar

Photo by Irvin Mai

If parsley and fennel are the main contenders of your favorite juice, you’re the gardner, maybe not literally, but in spirit. You respect the earth, you recycle your cup and you enjoy the nutrients and earthy flavor of this juice. You even have your own mini herb garden growing at home.


juice bar

Photo by Grace Bodkin

This creamier drink is the dessert of the juice bar. Made with almond milk, coconut and some rich protein powder, this beverage has it all. High in healthy fats and protein, you are the body builder of the bar. You fill up early and start your day feeling full and focused.

So, which juice are you?