Netflix is like an all you can eat buffet. No matter what you are in the mood for, you can find it on Netflix and even go back for seconds.

Here are some of the main characters of Netflix’s top shows and the foods that they embody:

Rachel Green—Coffee

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What would Friends be without the coffee shop Central Perk?

Without it, Rachel wouldn’t even be able to support herself in New York City after leaving Barry. Not to mention, Rachel is always full of the energy and spunk that coffee provides.

 Lorelai Gilmore—All Junk Food


As a kid, you would always want to go to Rory Gilmore’s house because she always had the best junk food.

Lorelai Gilmore is the Queen of all things junk food and to that we salute her.

Don Draper—Scotch

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Is it just me, or is every single man in Mad Men drunk…all the time. Every time someone walks into a new room, they pour themselves a drink.

No wonder they always think that their ideas are the best ideas ever—we’re all geniuses when we’re drunk.

Leslie Knope—Waffles

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Parks and Rec would not be complete without a trip to JJ’s Diner.

Leslie Knope is obsessed with their waffles and, regardless the time of day, is guaranteed to order them with a ton of whipped cream. After all, her most favorite gift ever was a waffle iron from JJ’s diner itself.

Liz Lemon—Pizza

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Liz Lemon speaks for every person who believes that pizza is his or her spirit animal—she can literally eat an entire large pie in one sitting. Lemon is the original chick who decided that pizza is bae.

Lucille Bluth—Vodka martini

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Lucille Bluth can definitely go drink for drink with any frat boy (and totally win). Vodka martinis are her go-to, and she can drink one like a champ at any time of the day.

Blair Waldorf—Waldorf Salad

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What came first the Waldorf salad or Queen B?

Even though there is no record in the show of her eating this salad, I would still argue that this high-class salad is the food equivalence of Blair Waldorf herself.

Marshall Eriksen—Apple Pie

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Can you get any more American than apple pie and Marshall Eriksen?

This Minnesota native embodies your all-American guy who is equally as dependable as he is lovable. Coincidentally, apple pie has the same qualities.

Carrie Bradshaw—Cosmopolitans

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Carrie Bradshaw basically brought Cosmos into the public’s radar.

Because of her, every New York City female tourist will without a doubt order a Cosmo and pretend to be a small-time newspaper that can somehow afford to buy countless numbers of expensive shoes (how Carrie, how?).

Also, she showed that drinking with your friends is the only way to do it.

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