Every fan wants a behind-the-scenes look at their favorite celebrity’s life. People don’t like to admit they read about Zac Efron’s recent antics or looked up photos of J. Law’s new haircut, but celebs are some of the most Googled people on the web for a reason. Either people really have nothing better to do during their lunch breaks or we’re all obsessive fans in way over our heads.

I don’t know about you, but I find the life of a musician on the road one of the most interesting lifestyles of all. Especially at concerts, I can’t help but think of what’s going on backstage—once I saw John Mayer in the parking lot playing Wiffle ball with his crew. Another time I witnessed 1D’s Niall and Liam cruising on Segways; some celebrities aren’t exactly inconspicuous. But what about the nitty-gritty shiz going down behind closed doors? What do they eat? Did Beyoncé’s inspiration for “Lemonade” come from her choice of backstage drink? (It didn’t, but it could have.)

Britney Spears needs fish and chips.

eat backstage

Photo courtesy of @britneyspears on Instagram

The “Make Me” singer also makes you get her this standard English pub dish for dinner before the show. A good source of protein and fatty acids known to boost your brain power, fish makes sense if you’re going to last nearly three hours on stage. But fries chips I’m not so sure have the same added benefits.

Lady Gaga wants cheese.

eat backstage

Photo courtesy of @ladygaga on Instagram

One non-sweaty bowl of cheese for Gaga, please. No for real, it’s what Gaga insists on before popping up in front of thousands. Hey G, if you’re looking for something to spice up your go-to, try a caprese grilled cheese sandwich.

Mariah Carey can’t live without Champagne.

eat backstage

Photo courtesy of @mariahcarey on Instagram

I’m sure this is the least surprising demand of the bunch. Mariah and champs go together like a pop diva and fancy alcohol—oh wait.

However, it might be surprising to hear she sips on the bubbly with bendy straws only. #LipstickProblems

Kanye West craves top shelf alcohol.

eat backstage

Photos courtesy of @kimkardashian and @patron on Instagram

Did you really expect anything other than Patron and Heineken in the rapper’s backstage area? Probably to accommodate the A-listers milling around, Kardashian/Jenner clan and all.

Justin Bieber fancies tea and Swedish Fish.

eat backstage

Photo courtesy of @justinbieber on Instagram

When it comes to the Biebs, I feel like people just don’t ask questions anymore. Paparazzi scuffle? Alrighty. Selena #tbt on Insta? Shrug. Swedish Fish and tea in his 65-78 degree dressing room? If you say so.

Taylor Swift requires a juicing station.

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Photo courtesy of @selenagomez on Twitter

On the 1989 World Tour, TSwiz had no less than a full-on juice bar at each tour stop to accompany the 300+ crew members. Makes sense with that many people to make sure everyone’s feeling fresh. One sick person floating around might’ve meant no surprise guest or hearing “Blank Space” live. Can you think of anything worse? Prob not.

Beyoncé requires baked chicken and Pepsi.

eat backstage

Photo courtesy of @beyonce on Instagram

No lemonade (or Coca-Cola) allowed. It’s Pepsi-only for Queen B. Another necessity includes baked chicken with just the right amount of seasonings—garlic and cayenne pepper. Hot sauce too though, right?

Jay Z’s gotta have a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

eat backstage

Photo courtesy of @masodvd on Instagram

Of course only quality PB&J for Mr. Carter, not your average Skippy peanut butter and Smucker’s grape jelly slathered on two slices of bread. As a college student, there’s no other way I make a PB&J, it’s safe to say Jay Z’s caterer knows something we don’t.

Katy Perry pines for strawberries and wine.

eat backstage

Photo courtesy of @katyperry on Instagram

Nothing sounds more West Coast fresh than this “California Gurls”-esque demand. Perry insists on Pinot Griogio, salsa, strawberries, and honey in her dressing room. Hopefully not all together, but who knows.

If I had a team of people at my every beck and call, I’d probably request some weird AF dishes too, so the oddness is understandable. And hey, now you know how to get on your favorite musician’s good side when going to a show. Normal fans might toss flowers at their feet, but you’ll bring throwing up Swedish Fish. Don’t forget about us when you’re featured in Kanye’s next music video.