It's almost Thanksgiving, so you know what that means! Pie season is upon us! If you are like me and love pie, whether it's baking pie, eating pie, (or both) your favorite type of pie says a surprising amount about your personality. So, as a pie aficionado, here is what I think your favorite kind of pie releases about you.

Pumpkin pie

If your favorite type of pie is pumpkin, you’re passionate and you have strong opinions. You won’t back down in an argument, you'll show up strong and with conviction. Your favorite time of the year is pumpkin spice latte season, and you love Thanksgiving because it's the one time of the year you can chow down on this fall delicacy without judgement. You’ll defend your love of pumpkin pie, PSLs, ugg boots, chunky sweaters, and fall festivities to everyone.

Apple Pie

If your favorite type of pie is apple, you’re a classic, and you value the simple things in life. You love nature and you’re well rounded and loved by everyone. You know what to say in every situation and you never show up anywhere empty handed. How could anyone not like you with your warm heart, generous nature, and positive attitude.

Cherry Pie

If your favorite type of pie is cherry, you’re a people person. If there’s a party you’ll never miss it and will always be the center of attention and life of the party. You’re tangy and fun. You love picnics in the summer with your friends and a good summer barbecue.

Blueberry Pie

If your favorite type of pie is blueberry, you’re an underrated person. People don’t value you as much as they should. You're a dependable friend who is always there to listen to everyone's problems and offer sound advice. Sometimes you feel like people forget about you and you wish you were more appreciated. And you should be! You are wonderful and never fail to put a smile on people’s faces.

Lemon Meringue Pie

If your favorite type of pie is lemon-meringue, you're a bubbly and fun type of person. You light up every room you walk into, and people love your smile. Like the lemon tart that lies beneath the light and fluffy meringue of this pie you’re a little tart and tangy when people get to know you, you poke fun at your friends and throw around light hearted zingers.

Key Lime Pie

If your favorite type of pie is Key Lime, You like to be different. You value individuality. You’re the cool friend and love to be a trendsetter and trying new things. You don’t care what anyone thinks about you and have a carefree attitude that everyone tries to emulate.

Chocolate Pie

If your favorite type of pie is chocolate, you're not really a pie lover. You'd take a brownie or a slice of chocolate cake over pie any day. But, if you had to take a slice, you'd settle for chocolate pie. You definitely have a sweet tooth and you are a child at heart.