Everyone has a favorite granola bar. Whether it's one you grew up eating or one you discovered on your own, people tend to be loyal to a certain kind. Your choice is telling, so here's what your favorite type of granola bar says about you:

Clif Bar

bread, dairy product
Athena Abdien

Clif Bars are a classic runner's favorite, so Clif Bar lovers tend to be athletic and energetic.

If a Clif bar is your go to granola bar, your Instagram probably is major #fitspo like these famous Instagrammers. You love to try new workouts like these, and your nutritious food choices tend to motivate those around you.

NutriGrain Bar

candy, sweet, chocolate
Athena Abdien

NutriGrain bars are a childhood classic, so if these are your favorite granola bars, you're probably a big kid at heart.

You also love to eat other foods that remind you of your youth, like these snacks from the 90s. Your friends often pat you on the head and think of you as the innocent one in your friend group. If you love NutriGrain bars, you have a spunky, childlike energy that everybody envies. 

Annie's Chewy Granola Bar

Athena Abdien

Annie's is an all-natural, organic brand of granola bar, but it doesn't stop their fans from being fun-loving.

Annie's Chewy Granola Bars come in fun, deliciously sweet flavors like peanut butter chocolate chip, so loyal consumers probably have a sweet personality to match their sweet tooth. If these granola bars are your favorite, you probably like searching for the best desserts everywhere you go.

Kashi Granola Bar

almond, nut, candy, sweet
Athena Abdien

Kashi granola bar lovers are all about health. If you're one of them, you most likely are conscious about the way you fuel your body.

You're also known for telling your friends about the cool new recipes you've been creating lately, like these healthy breakfast recipes. You probably enjoy shopping at Whole Foods and your Instagram feed is filled with lots of healthy food bloggers.

Nature Valley Crunchy Bar

Athena Abdien

Chances are if your favorite granola bar is a Nature Valley Crunchy Bar, you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and camping.

Take one on your next adventure when you try one of these perfect fall hikes in New England, and listen to the crunch of your granola bar alongside the crunch of the leaves under your feet.