If you gravitate towards bananas, but wouldn't dare eat an apple, that may say more about you than you know. Have you always been told you have the best fashion sense? Your favorite fruit may tell you more about yourself than you think! 


Julia Fennell

If your favorite fruit is a banana, you are organized, responsible, and dependable! You are a great friend and people always come to you for advice. You don’t let your emotions get in the way of reason, and you are very level-headed. But — you still love to have fun! Like bananas, you go perfectly with everything! 


Julia Fennell

If your favorite fruit is a grape, you love to have fun. You have the best laugh, and your friends always come to you when they need cheering up. You always know where the best party is, and are always down for a fun night out with your friends. 


Julia Fennell

If your favorite fruit is an apple, you’re athletic and super strong. You are everyone’s go-to running buddy and you will never say no to a last-minute workout. You have a great skincare routine and you follow it religiously and it's totally worth it — you probably have great skin! 


Arielle Gordon

If your favorite fruit is a strawberry, you are incredibly smart and love to read and write. You can go through a novel in a day, and love to discuss your favorite books. You are every teacher’s favorite student, and never turn down an opportunity to do some extra credit work — even though you don’t need the points!

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