Just like our favorite foods, Disney characters are known for their unique traits that make them stand out in our memories. Here’s a few notable Disney characters paired with food that definitely fits their personalities perfectly. After all, you are what you eat.

1. Timon and Pumba: Gummy Worms


Photo courtesy of albanesecandy.com

What other food would these two be? They love to eat slimy and yet satisfying critters. In fact, I’m sure most kids would pretend to be these two whenever they got their hands on a pack of gummy worms. It’s fun to eat bugs.

2. Cinderella: Vanilla Cupcake


Photo courtesy of @sweetbakeshop on Instagram

Cinderella is gentle and kind, so she would be the perfect vanilla cupcake. Her dress also bears a similar resemblance to a cupcake. I bet the decoration on top would be a glass slipper.

3. Maleficent: Licorice


Photo courtesy of mommyish.com

The mistress of all evil definitely bears a striking resemblance to a certain candy that hardly anybody is fond of (with the exception of my mother). It’s also the type of treat you give to someone you don’t particularly like, especially if they didn’t invite you to a party.

4. Snow White: Apple Pie


Photo by Isabella Neuberg

Of course, Snow White has something to do with apples. The poor girl fell into a deep sleep because of them, but hey she was kissed awake by a handsome prince, so it all worked out. Not to mention she is very adept at making pies.

5. Mad Hatter: Lemon Tea


Photo courtesy of ionutrition.com

Welcome to the Mad Tea party. The Hatter is always associated with tea, so why not lemon tea? He does try to fix the White Rabbit’s watch with a lemon and various other ingredients such as jam and butter. This tea would probably have all those weird ingredients in it too, knowing the Hatter. Just hold the mustard.

6. Captain Hook: Fish and Chips


Photo courtesy of @jwsavell on Instagram

The fish in the ocean always surround the salty pirate captain with a grudge against a youngster in green tights. Not to mention that said youngster often calls him a slimy codfish, which is the typical sea critter used in fish and chips.

7. Kristoff: Shaved Ice


Photo courtesy of chillspotlv.com

Who loves ice? Kristoff loves ice. Seriously, the guy’s whole life revolves around the stuff and being the official ice master of Arendelle, you know he’s probably selling shaved ice in front of the palace during the summer. Anna would approve.

8. Tania: Beignets


Photo courtesy of Capital City Bakery on Facebook

Tania is famous for her sweet beignets and she works hard to make them. I think they kind of just became part of her personality. I can definitely see them being the most popular item on her restaurant menu, besides her gumbo.

9. Duchess: Caviar


Photo courtesy of homecooking.com

This fancy kitty needs to be paired with a fancy food, just like caviar. It works out purrrfectly. Cats love fish and caviar is fish eggs. Although I’m sure her kittens might not be as fond of it, but it sure beats crème de la crème Edgar.

10. Hades: Baked Alaska


Photo courtest of Kendra Simangan on Pinterest

Have you ever seen a baked Alaskan cake? It’s a cake that literally comes to you on fire. Even though Hades is in no way as sweet as a cake, the blue flame always reminds me of his hair.