Whether it’s after dinner, in between classes, or right when you wake up – when your sweet tooth calls, it cannot be ignored. Every college student deserves the dessert of their dreams amidst demanding class schedules, too many extracurriculars, and stressful future aspirations.

Did you know that your ideal dessert choice has the power to reveal many things about you as a person? This includes why you chose your major, designated your career path, created certain life goals. After scrolling down, I’m sure you will see that sprinkles, frosting type, and cake flavors can be extremely telling elements.

History – Chocolate chip cookies


Photo by Kelda Baljon

Oh yeah, you’re an old-time classic. Someone who simply enjoys the classics. Everybody and their mom knows chocolate chip cookies are the dessert staple of every childhood celebration, garnish on your grandmother’s kitchen counter, solution to a rough relationship night, or go to sweet indulgence. It just makes perfect sense why you choose these reliable goodies – they bring you back to the good old days.

Political Science – Apple pie


Photo courtesy of Little Pie Company on Facebook

You’re traditional in everything you do, especially when choosing to devote your studies to the good ol’ US of A. I bet you even want to run for political office or become a lawyer. So, one would not expect anything else from you when choosing this sweet-smelling, all-American, well-rounded dessert choice.

Computer Science – Last night’s half-eaten glazed donut


Photo courtesy of handletheheat.com

We know when your creativity sparks… it’s usually around 3:37 am. Your next 6 hours of coding and cracking does not have time for you to seek out a speciality dessert on campus or create some elaborate concoction. When you clear your screensaver, you have no choice but indulging in what’s most convenient. Something left around your desk or under the couch when you roll out of bed must do.

Mathematics – Candy


Photo courtesy of flickr.com

We all knew you as a kid. You were probably the one counting all types of things and categorizing them. I bet you were finding the probability of red versus blue M&M’s, adding and subtracting your gummy bears, and measuring the amount of sour on the Sour Patch Watermelon in your packet compared to the next kid. It’s not shocking you’re a math major… hopefully you found a new candy capable of handling those tough derivatives and imaginary numbers. Find out what kind of candy you are here.

Health Studies – Frozen yogurt


Photo by David Whinery

Let me guess. You probably choose fresh fruit and granola as your toppings? This isn’t surprising considering you have the most nutritious and trendy major on campus. This major teaches you about the many facets of the health world and can lead to many career paths, proving it to be as versatile as your dessert choice.

Fine Arts – Cupcake


Photo by Lauren Goldstein

Ah, the cupcake. There are WAY too many varieties of this sweet treat. It makes the perfect canvas for bringing all those artistic ideas that span your imagination to life. These small canvasses of cake allow you to try all the options out by speckling sprinkles, crumbling Oreo’s, or ombre-ing your icing. See what your favorite cupcake flavor says about you here.

Biology – Anything in a jar


Photo by Max Bartick

You’re one of those kids who tracks growth over time and appreciates the beauty of cultures on a petri dish. Obviously, you are drawn to the dessert in a jar trend! From strawberry shortcake, key lime pie, buttery blondies, and all kinds of cupcakes, you see the structure and function of having delicious treats exist in jar form. It’s just so beautiful, you probably have issues about eating it.

Engineering – Rice Krispies treats


Photo by Jamie Medina

You nailed the secret of calculating the perfect ratio of marshmallow to Rice Krispies. You know how to construct the ideal texture in every bite. You also never over melt the butter because you found the best temperature and time combination. Therefore, it’s no question you prefer these treats. Like your unbelievably challenging major, they are extremely dependent on the combination of precise calculations influencing their composition.

Psychology – S’mores


Photo by Jenny Huang

Are they sticky n’ rich or crunchy ‘n sweet? Is the texture better when localized from the cracker or the toasted marshmallow? You psychoanalyze most situations, but it’s this dessert that really gets you those wheels turning. S’mores… all those complex layers and contradicting textures that words and you can’t even describe.

International Studies – Macarons


Photo courtesy of Baked by Melissa

You’re the cultured student. It might be a little too obvious sometimes, but who else is trilingual and lived a year in Spain? You refuse to be close-minded and that’s why you have an exciting major full of multiculturalism to match your vibrant and colorful personality. There is no question why you choose a dessert so sophisticated in its creation and diverse in the combination of flavors it offers. Make your own with this recipe.

English – Raspberry Cheesecake


Photo courtesy of thecheesecakefactory.com

You tend to be very temperamental and sensitive, which is all the better to channel when crafting your ideas, poems, and memoirs. This decadent diffusion of flavors and dichotomy of food groups captures all of your emotions and tends to put you into your happy place… which most always a contemplative one. Undoubtedly, you crave raspberry sauce swirled into a creamy white chocolate cheesecake to stimulate your creative juices.

Economics – Espresso with biscotti


Photo courtesy of donnahay.com

How many cups of coffee does it take to power you through your day? After the three cups you’ve had by 2 pm, the caffeine rush to get the wheels of your mind turning may need a post-dinner pick me up.

Also, coffee, mocha, java anything is the only dessert flavor you even consider. No wonder you’re treating yourself to an espresso. Hopefully it helps you break into this night’s problem set or maybe it will be reserved for tomorrow’s case studies and balance sheets. You can make your own biscotti with this recipe.

Pre-Med – Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of @jeannieshinnn on Instagram

Pre-med? Yeah, you’re always on the go. Actually, you really never stop. You probably have three schedules that always manage to be filled – one for your heavy course load deadlines, one with volunteering and extracurriculars, and then one more for the little free time you manage to tease out. There really is no other choice then ice cream as your on-the-go treat that alleviates your pain and can be safely sprinted with all over campus. As the day get longer and always harder, the justification for more hot fudge increases.