Valentine's Day

Photo by Kai Huang


Breakfast: Cocoa Puffs
Screw the diet. It clearly didn’t get me a date today. Might as well start the day off with chocolate.

Lunch: Easy Mac 
If I could have one true Valentine for the rest of my life, it would definitely be mac n’ cheese.

Dinner: Easy Mac, again 
I’m trying to work on my relationship skills so I’m staying true to my said Valentine.

Late Night: Vodka, ice cream, wine and more vodka
It’s only right to be ‘basic’ today. Hey, as long as I’m already this deep I may as well combine them both in wine ice cream.

Valentine's Day

Photo by Molly Krohe

In An Open Relationship

Breakfast: Chocolate Chip Pancakes from The Original Pancake house with your friends
Best part about not being committed is getting to spend as much time with your friends as you want. Okay, lets be real, there are some better perks too.

Lunch: A bowl of cereal
What? I like cereal.

Dinner: Chipotle
The fact this kid is even buying me dinner is concerning. But like, free food, so I’ll take it.

Late night: Tequila shots at the bar
Wooo, I’m so fun and free! Who knows, I may end the night with that cutie over there instead of my date. Because I am in an open relationship. Not committed. Hey there my new Valentine.

Valentine's Day

Photo by Maggie Gorman

It’s Complicated

Breakfast: Egg white omelet
I gotta make sure I look extra good today. It could be the day things get ‘uncomplicated’.

Lunch: Smart Ones microwavable sesame noodles with vegetables
By the grace of God I’m actually going on a date with this kid, not going to spoil my appetite.

Dinner: Pasta from a little Italian restaurant
Maybe we’ll have a Lady and the Tramp moment, but with the way this relationship is going, I’ll probably just get a red sauce stain on my white shirt.

Late Night: Vodka Sprite or whiskey Coke at the bar
My somewhat significant other wants it to be casual. For sure, for sure. Oh hey look, there are my single friends in the corner alone. At least I’m not them.

Valentine's Day

Photo courtesy of BNI Foundation

In a Relationship

Breakfast: A nice brunch at the new café in town
Must. Start. Day. Together. Must. Post. Instagram. Look at us! Hi, hello, yes I am in a relationship. Yup. We’re dating. First Valentine’s Day together. Aren’t we adorable?

Lunch: No time for lunch
We have an entire day planned of cute activities: ice-skating, a painting class and our present exchange.

Dinner: Filet mignon or a sautéed Chilean sea bass finished off with a chocolate lava cake
This restaurant is the place to be on Valentine’s Day. We made our reservation two months in advance. Our relationship is a lot like the chocolate lava cake: put together and sweet on the outside but passionate and rich on the inside.

Late Night: Chocolate and wine
Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get, but now I know and I am madly in love. Now, please lick the whipped cream off of me.

Valentine's Day

Photo by Abigail Wilkins

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