Raise your hand if you already knew you were going to be late to class or work but stopped at Starbucks first anyway. We’ve all been there. You have 5 minutes until class starts but you’re dying for some caffeine and Starbucks is conveniently located along your route.

But even if your class is only a couple minutes away from your room, do you really have time to grab Starbucks on your way? Who can actually resist Starbuck’s vast and tempting menu of caffeine-filled drinks after rolling out of bed early in the morning? Here’s what drink you should order when you’re in a serious time crunch.

Already Late – Bottled Drinks


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When you have negative time to get to class, Starbucks’ bottled beverages are your best choice. They have no wait time (unless there’s a line full of other college students getting their morning coffee) and they’re conveniently located right at the front of the counter. Try a fruity Tazo iced tea, a light Refresher made with green tea extract, or a Doubleshot energy drink for a major pick-me-up.

Two to Three Minutes – Flavored Coffee (Iced or Hot) or Hot Tea


Photo by Julia D’Agostino

Starbucks’ iced and hot coffee is always on hand throughout the day. It’s impossible to mess up simply pouring coffee into a cup, so getting your drink will take almost no time at all. Hot teas also take almost no time at because all they require are a tea bag and some hot water. (Though you should wait about 5 minutes after receiving one to let the tea steep into the water.)

Five Minutes – Iced Latte or Caramel Macchiato


Photo by Margaret Weinberg

Iced drinks don’t require steamed milk, so they take a considerably less time to make. Order these drinks for a quick espresso fix, and add any flavor to a latte to give it some added sweetness.

Eight Minutes – Hot Mocha, Latte, or Cappuccino


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These drinks require milk to be steamed and espresso to be poured, and depending on what size drink you get and how many other orders the baristas have to prepare, this might take awhile. However, if you have the time, one of these drinks is definitely worth the warm satisfaction of steamed milk, espresso, and sweet flavored syrup.

Ten Minutes – Blended Drinks (Frappuccino or Smoothie)


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Please do not order a Frappuccino if you are already late to class. These drinks require the gathering of ingredients, the blending process, and the addition of toppings, therefore will take a long time, especially if you’re already waiting in a long line. To save time order one of these drinks without the whipped cream or syrup on top, but ultimately, don’t order them if you’re in a time crunch.

Starbucks may not be the most ideal location to visit when you’re running late, but sometimes those Frappuccinos just call out to your soul.