Are you still wondering what to major in?  Maybe you just received an email from the registrar threatening to put a hold on your account if you don't choose a major fast!  Don't fret because we've got you covered. Just choose which type of peanut from The Peanut Shop looks the best to you and we will tell you what major you were always meant for.

Salt and Vinegar Peanuts

meat, nut, cereal
Photo courtesy of The Peanut Shop

Do you crave academic discourse? Does a good argument make for a good time? Is your Meyer’s-Briggs personality type “The Commander” or “The Executive?” For some the combination of salt and vinegar may be too strong, but for your go-getter personality it is the perfect combo! Government, Public Policy and International Relations Majors can all agree that there is a true element of diplomacy in that classic salty-sour comb.

Honey Roasted Peanuts

nut, meat, honey, candy, sweet
Photo courtesy of The Peanut Shop

Are plain peanuts not quite your cup of tea? Do you have a sweet tooth that’s always wanting something more? Do you prefer to mask that peanut flavor with sugary, caramelly goodness? If you do, you are probably an Education student with the patience of a saint and a heart of gold. You probably volunteer at all of the elementary schools in James City County and already have a tote picked out for when you finish the five year program. 

Roasted Almonds

cashew, cereal, bread, nut
Photo courtesy of The Peanut Shop

Do you walk into The Peanut Shop with your nose upturned professing about the evils of saturated fats? Well you would be happy to know that The Peanut Shop has roasted almonds for your heart-healthy, Kinesiology major self. Maybe even after you grab a sample of almonds, you can snap a few photos for the nutrition/fitness Instagram that seemingly all kinesiology majors have.

Savory Dill Pickle Nuts

sweet, wheat, nut, cereal
Photo courtesy of The Peanut Shop

Do you walk into The Peanut Shop with a hankering for a peanut that smells like something that you just concocted in your last Organic Chemistry lab? Is your favorite part about eating a pickle-flavored peanut the notion that you are eating something that has been chemically altered into a different substance?

If this sounds like you, then you should probably be a Biology or Chemistry major. Who doesn’t want to rock a hardy pair of plastic goggles and hang out in a lab every Friday for four hours, am I right?

Dark Chocolate Peanuts

milk, sweet, candy, coffee, chocolate
Photo courtesy of The Peanut Shop

Do you survey the peanut samples in The Peanut Shop as though committing yourself to a singular peanut is synonymous with signing a contract? Do you have questions about their marketing success in the area? Do you find yourself seeking out employees only to ask questions about the leadership style of their manager?

If you are oddly drawn to the gloss and glitz of the dark chocolate covered peanuts as though it somehow represents the affluent life you hope to achieve through majoring in Business, you might have your answer.

Unsalted Peanuts

pasture, peanut, cereal, nut
Photo courtesy of The Peanut Shop

When you walk into the peanut shop do you scope out all of the flavored peanuts, but always settle on a simple, yet delicious unsalted peanut? Are you practical and rational? Do you enjoy playing it safe? Does making a rough outline for every possible component of your life sound like fun? If this appeals to you, you’re probably an Accounting major.

Crab Town Nuts with Chesapeake Bay Seasoning

peanut, legume, meat, vegetable, nut, cereal
Photo courtesy of The Peanut Shop

Do you enter the Peanut Shop exclusively seeking a few nut samples to supplement your vegan diet? Do you regularly forget to put on shoes and almost exclusively wear NDAPL t-shirts? Does camping really appeal to you? Would you say that you are the friend in who always wants to go on an “adventure” in the Matoaka woods? Do you know where the Keck lab is? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are most definitely an Environmental Science or Geology major.

Peanut Cluster

truffle, nut, coffee, candy, sweet, chocolate
Photo courtesy of The Peanut Shop

Are you interested in a peanut that’s a bit offbeat, perhaps a little crunchy but also sweet, essentially a mixture of all the best components of all the flavors? A peanut cluster will satisfy any Self-Designed major’s dreams. Just like your strange, made-up major consisting of Computer Science, Hebrew, Film Studies, and Public Health classes, the strange conglomerate that makes up a peanut cluster is sure to be interesting (just like your job prospects.)

Now that you know exactly what major you were meant for, get declaring.