Have you ever been on your way to a party and just thought, “Damn, I really wish I had a slice of pizza right now?” Or is that just me?

Well thankfully, this will no longer be an issue.

pizza pouch

Photo courtesy of reddit.com

Stupidiotic has released the Portable Pizza Pouch, which is basically a ziplock bag that you wear around your neck shaped like a triangular pizza. So now you literally never have to be without your favorite cheese, sauce, and crust combination.

Well, unless you eat it within 5 minutes of leaving your house, which I will totally do.

pizza pouch

Photo courtesy of stupidiotic.com

According to Stupidiotic, “no one should ever be without pizza.” We couldn’t agree more.

You can now have pizza available within arm’s reach at every party, every class, and every sporting event. Who wants to pay $5/slice at a baseball game when you can just bring your own? Why wait for delivery when you can have it on you at all times?

You’re probably wondering, “How do you keep it warm?” If you’re asking yourself this question, then you’re not a true pizza fan (sorry not sorry) because ANY true pizza fan knows that pizza tastes 10x better when it’s cold. In fact, science actually proved it.

pizza pouch

Photo courtesy of beirut.com

If you know you’re going to be craving something sweet, you could store a piece of pie or a slice of watermelon cake in your pouch instead.

The biggest question left is: is this discrimination against square-shaped pizza everywhere? What about deep dish? Will a lawsuit follow this seemingly flawless invention? Could life possibly get any better?

You can buy your very own Portable Pizza Pouch here for only $8.

#SpoonTip: When we tried placing our order, our credit card recognized the site as sketchy and rejected the charge. Lol.

I’d say this is definitely a win for pizza lover’s everywhere.

pizza pouch

Photo courtesy of thedailytouch.com