Do you hear it? The soft cry of students in the library, the sound of keyboards late into the night and the solemn stroll to classes in the morning. It's the sound of midterms. In these times, there is one thing that is always there to support you–food. In this time of stress, food is the constant support that makes even the hardest test manageable. If you're having trouble picking a comfort food, here is what you shouldeat based on how you feel about midterms

No Exams: Cake

butter, chocolate, cake
Jordan Gottlieb

You have no exams? That's definitely something to celebrate. Somehow you got the golden ticket when it comes to being a college student (or maybe you're an English major?) and your biggest issue if finding people to hang out with. Every other kid in the school is envious of you so why not rub it in a little more and have your cake and eat it too

Feeling Prepared: Chocolate

chocolate, chips, chocolate chips, cocoa
Caroline Ingalls

You are doing some real life #adulting and somehow are on top of all your responsibilities. I would ask how, but I am not ready to be independent and mislead my parents into giving me more responsibility. Feeling prepared is the best position to be in and it means you are living a stress-free life rn. You should be proud of yourself so treat yourself to some fancy chocolate and watch everyone else panic. 

Living in the Library: Mac and Cheese

Blair Baker

You've been in the stacks for the weekend and are starting to forget what outside looks like. Living off of that old trail mix from your room for a week, your dedication is admirable. You deserve something warm and cheesy to remind you that there is a whole world of joy outside the library doors. What could be better than a warm, cheesy bowl of mac and cheese?

No Idea What You're Doing: Candy

jelly beans, sweet, candy
Christin Urso

For you, failure is inevitable. You haven't shown up to your 8 am class all semester and you just realized that all your exams fall on the same day. The only thing to do now, accept failure and return to the simplicity of childhood with some candy. And guess what? Your mom isn't here to tell you to stop stuffing your face. Maybe the sugar rush will help you forget about the drop in your GPA?

Procrastinating: Potato chips

potato, chips, sweet
Katie Walsh

Exams are coming and cleaning your room, hanging out with friends, and stalking your ex on Instagram suddenly feel like a productive use of your time. Midterms mean that you are doing anything but studying. I'm not here to lecture you, I'm here to provide the best snack options and I suggest taking your take to eat each chip one by one. 

Midterm szn is a tough one and it may seem like it will never end. Test after test after test and you feel like you're gonna cry, but don't worry– food will always be there for you in these times. If you're stressed about what to eat based on how you feel about midterms, I just helped you cross one thing off your list.