Okay so potentially the best holiday of the year is here. And it’s only the best holiday of the year in the best, most Irish urban area in America: BOSTON.

It’s a time of day drinking, night drinking…. and no one’s exactly sure what happens between 2 pm–7 pm. But those early hours are THE GREATEST HOURS OF ALL TIME. Wild people all over the place, decked out in green (my favorite color) and enjoying a day of excess and debauchery like there’s no tomorrow (cause you’ll probably sleep right through it).

I don’t know about you but I say the more people there are, the merrier the time; so here’s what all the college kids are doing in Boston this St. Paddy’s Day and St. Paddy’s Weekend.

Lansdowne Street Block Party


Photo courtesy of lansdownestreet on Facebook

Ah, the annual St. Paddy’s Day block party at Lansdowne. Music, tents, outside grilling, drink service and green beer all day. A200 is performing this year (I think that’s a professional keyboard player…?).

Any Irish Pub in Boston


Photo courtesy of boston.com

Any Irish pub in Boston today is gonna be a big ol’ good time. WEAR GREEN.

St. Paddy’s Pub Crawl


Photo courtesy of pub-crawls.com

LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOOOOOR. That has nothing to do with Irish culture of St. Paddy’s day or anything but it felt right. Also, it reminded me of…..

Dropkick Murphys


Photo courtesy of fanpop.net

They come every year and they come to stay (pretty much). You missed the (viciously Irish) first show, but they’ll be at the House of Blues March 17th (today), 18th and 20th! Don’t miss it.



Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

And for the climax: parade day. The highest, most intense point of the weekend. It’s annual, and it’s friggin’ awesome. March 20th, starts at 1 pm at Broadway Station.