There's one month left of summer, which means one month left of extra time for baking goodies. Here is what you should bake based on your sun sign. 

Aries: Cinnamon Roll 

Aries rules over the self, and what is better for self-care than a delectable cinnamon roll? Aries suns are action-oriented with a short fuse, but deep down, you all are big softies. Cinnamon rolls give you the best of both worlds. Gooey, fluffy, and full of sugar and spice, these comforting treats are a great way to relax and unwind, reminding you to pick your battles and guide your passion towards positive endeavors. 

Taurus: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ruled by Venus, this sun sign loves a bit of luxury, but that doesn't mean you are willing to sacrifice comfort. Warm hugs, knit blankets, chunky sweaters, and good food are all you need for a perfect day. You probably remember baking these classics in your childhood kitchen -- and let's be real, you like to stick with what you know. Though comfortable, adding some extravagant dark chocolate to these cookies will satisfy your need for epicurean pleasures. 

Gemini: Black and White Cookie

Geminis get a bad rep for being two-faced, but I like to say you're versatile. Intelligent, sarcastic, inquisitive, and charming, Geminis truly know how to cater to their audience (just like the old-fashioned, black and white cookie). Classic vanilla and rich chocolate, these cookies offer the perfect flavor for all your personalities. Plus, they're great for splitting with your many many friends. 

Cancer: Lavender Chamomile Biscuits

Full discloser, I'm a cancer sun, so I might be a bit biased here. We're sensitive, nurturing, empathetic, emotional, and just a tad moody. So, why not wind down with a warm biscuit -- we deserve it. Biscuits are a nostalgic treat for me. With family in the south, I grew up eating them religiously. Topped with a bit of honey, they are the ideal, grounding breakfast. If you're feeling overwhelmed (which, as a cancer, might happen a lot) add in a soothing lavender-chamomile blend to your dry mix to help you further de-stress.  

Leo: Chocolate Soufflé 

Leo, you are the star of the show, especially in August. Like chocolate soufflé, you are extravagant and pair well with the finer things in life. Though soufflé may be among the more challenging desserts to bake, I am confident any Leo would be able to master the art of this French dessert. Plus, it will give you the chance to show off your baking prowess, and what Leo doesn't love a bit of praise?  

Virgo: Sourdough Bread 

How I love this practical sign (as long as it's not in your moon). Virgos are meticulous, organized, and always up for a challenge. Sourdough bread will give you a goal to work towards, a goal you will most likely meet. Though the perfectionist in you may struggle with the nuances of bread-baking, this beloved loaf is a dependable staple in any home (just like you)!

Libra: Banana Bread

Charming, presentable, and an absolute fan favorite, banana bread is the perfect baked good for you social butterflies. Libras are the diplomats of the zodiac, always eager to people-please in an effort to keep the peace. Nothing is quite as universal (at least in my circle) as a shared love of banana bread. Serve this dessert up at an event, and any tensions are sure to ease. 

Scorpio: Croissant

Like Aries, Scorpio tends to be one of the more aggressive signs. You know how to advocate for yourself and probably don't shy away from confrontation. However, there is some added mystery here. Secretive and intense, there are many layers to your personality. Like a croissant, you may have a rougher exterior, but getting to the center is always worth it. Plus, baking these beauties will give you a chance to hone your creativity in the kitchen. 

Sagittarius: Crème Brûlée 

Crème Brûlée is fun, bold, and fiery just like you. The french nature of this dessert gives it a refined twist, which hits on your desire for travel and love for philosophy. Plus, I literally cannot think of a Sagittarius that wouldn't love to use a blow torch. 

Capricorn: Blueberry Muffins 

A breakfast classic, blueberry muffins are the perfect grab-and-go meal for the hardworking Capricorn. Not too sweet, full of antioxidants, and reliable to their core, blueberry muffins mimic your persona and needs well. Plus, they won't take too long to make (or create much of a mess) leaving you with ample time to tend to all your ambitions.  

Aquarius: Macarons 

These mini desserts are colorful and eccentric, which are the exact traits that make everybody love you. They'll also give you intellectuals a chance to focus on the details, as making these bite-size treats requires meticulous craftsmanship. Beating eggs and piping meringue onto a baking tray is the perfect distraction from any stress or emotions that might have popped up in your life, and we all know how much Aquariuses love to ignore their feeling. 

Pisces: Sugar Cookies

Finally, we get to Pisces. You are probably the dreamiest of the water signs, and I am betting you love creative activities. Sugar cookies are not only sweet (like you) but they will also give you the chance to experiment with some cookie art. I think the lavender cookies above are right up Pisces' alley. Of course, you will be able to decorate in whatever fashion your heart desires. 

Regardless of what you bake, I hope you harness Leo season's fiery energy to bring passion and pleasure into your and your friends' lives.