If you’ve ever seen Kim Kardashian on TV, social media, or in a picture, you probably know that she loves food. She’s not one of those celebrities that never eats or has given up gluten. Although she does have a bangin’ bod, Kim loves to indulge and she doesn’t hide that on her show, especially when she’s pregnant. In an E! article last year, Kim opened up about what her eating habits really look like off the show. From watching KUWTK you’d probably think she lived off of big salads, froyo, and churros. You wouldn’t be completely wrong, but she definitely works to balance her diet.

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She’s good at getting protein into her diet with chicken, fish, and protein shakes, and she’s also super diligent with her meal plan when she’s on a mission to lose weight. After both of her pregnancies she expressed concern about getting back into shape and she’s done it in record time after both kids. Obviously we all just want to live Kim’s life, but you can start by eating the way Kim does and staying away from the foods she absolutely hates.

Salads: Yes

kim kardashian

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No secret here. The Kardashians are obsessed with their Health Nut salads. They’ll eat them in meetings, at the restaurant, but mostly they’ll just sit in each other’s homes eating giants salads out of plastic containers. According to a Health Nut employee, the Kardashians usually go for the Chef’s Salad or the Chinese Chicken Salad. You can see what’s in those bad boys by reading this article.

Justin’s Products: Yes

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Just like her little sis Kylie, Kim loves to snack on Justin’s nut butter. She says it satisfies her sweet tooth and she’s happy just eating it right out of the pack. Kim’s a fan of the peanut butter but she says the almond butter is very good as well.

Beignets: Yes

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While Kim was pregnant with her son, she claims she ate beignets three times one day while in New Orleans. Mama Kris wasn’t as thrilled about Kim’s little binge-eating trip because of her health scares with North, but Kim assured her mom that she’s being healthy and this beignet vacation was a one time deal.

Ribs: Yes

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Comfort food for this reality star means ribs and fries. In a shapchat to her fans last month, Kim revealed that her pre-event car ride food is a rack of ribs and she snacked on a big ol’ plate of them all the way down to a Vogue event. Kanye, being the star husband he is, held the plate of food while Kim and Roberto Cavalli filled up for the 100th gala dinner.

Protein: Yes

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Obviously after scarfing down a rack of ribs, it’s no surprise that Kim likes to get her protein from meat. She usually eats protein for lunch and dinner, which her chef often prepares. For lunch, chicken is a common option and it usually comes in salad form. For dinner, Kim says it’s usually chicken or fish. The morning protein comes from scrambled eggs or protein shakes.

Vegetables: Yes

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This girl is good at eating her greens. Lunch and dinner usually incorporate some sort of veggies to go with the protein. Obviously those big salads are full of vegetables like lettuce and avocado, but dinner is also responsible for a hearty helping of vegetables. The one vegetable Kim has admitted to hating is pepper.

Iced Tea: Yes (Kind of)

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Kim loves iced tea and admits that she used to put way to much sugar in it. Now, she puts in less sweetener but she still likes to sip on the cool drink for an afternoon treat. She’s cut back to one iced tea per week, so if you want to eat like Mrs. Kardashian West, you can have the iced tea just don’t over do it.

Churros: Yes

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Churros are an obsession for the head of the Kardashian clan. Kim has admitted that she’s addicted to these sugar-coated, fried pieces of heaven, and honestly, could you blame her? She’s been photographed chowing down on them in Disneyworld while taking her daughter North out for the day and she’s particularly fond of the ones in France. While she was pregnant, she had a major craving that could only be satisfied by her favourite French restaurant, Ferdi’s.

Häagen-Dazs: Yes

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Although she says she doesn’t usually have dessert, it’s clear Kim has a sweet tooth. She says one of her favourite things in the world in Häagen-Dazs Dulce De Leche ice cream. If there’s any flavour to choose, I’d say that sounds like a pretty good choice.

Indian Food: No

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Kim got herself into loads of trouble when she publically voiced her hatred of Indian food and accidentally offended a whole culture. Some people were thrilled hoping that it meant she would never visit their part of the world, but Kim assured everyone that she just dislikes the food not the people, culture, or country.

Cilantro: No

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As a true lover of food, this Kardashian doesn’t hate much. In her apology to the world about her Indian food remark, she defended herself by saying she also doesn’t like cilantro and peppers, it’s just her own taste. It’s not strange to dislike cilantro since it can be genetic, but nobody else in the family has voiced their hatred of it like Kim has.

kim kardashian

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