We're now in the season known as summer, which means that you, the reader of this article, will most likely be spending less time inside and more time outside. Given that summer's baggage includes heat from the sun and scrambling to cool off, you might turn to either hiding in the shade or by drinking some booze with a few snacks by your side. However, what if I told you that you're now capable of having the best of all words, thanks to our bud, Samuel Adams?

What are you talking about?

In short, I'm talking about a new boozy snack that Samuel Adams came out with for the summer. They've teamed up with New York-based taffy maker known as Salty Road to release some new taffy. Here's what you need to know. 

The snack that Samuel Adams and Salty Road have produced with one another is known as the 'Summer Ale Salt Water Taffy.' Ingredients for the limited edition taffy release include Samuel Adams' Summer Ale, lemon extract and Salty Road’s signature sea salt crunch. The product is sold exclusively online in baby 1.87oz boxes on Salty Road's website for $7 per box. Each box comes with eight pieces of said 'Summer Ale Salt Water Taffy' and ships out of Brooklyn specifically via USPS

What else is there to know?

Upon receiving the taffy, it's meant to be stored away in a cool, dry place; unless the plan is to eat it stat, then you do you; no judgment. If you're down for being all matchy-matchy, then crack a cold one (or few) with the boys; and by that, I mean Samuel Adams' Summer Ale. Yes, I know that beer's an acquired taste and that most people find it to be either juice, piss water, or straight up gross; but won't you give it a chance? 

When consuming the actual taffy, it's relatively sticky to the paper that each piece comes wrapped in. While this isn't a bad thing, just be prepared to have to lick some of it off the paper like what I had to do; unless you're more about the ripping things off of paper life; then once again, you do you; no judgment. 

What I enjoy about the taffy is that you can actually taste that there's beer in it; it's not one of those products where it says that it tastes like something but then ends up being more of a disappointment to the world than I am. Also, you can actually taste that there's salt in there; it's not just another listed ingredient that's just on the label but nowhere to be found in the actual product that you've purchased. The texture of the taffy is also smooth and lovely, although it's relatively sticky.

Before you overindulge in Samuel Adam's taffy, keep in mind that you're not going to get drunk or remotely tipsy from consuming copious amounts of product. Also, keep in mind that this product is your friend and is here to provide you with a light boozy treat to enjoy without having to lug beer and snacks around since that's just loads of unnecessary work. Other than that, happy consuming.