St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner, which can only mean one thing: Shamrock Shakes. 

Even if you're not a fan of that familiar cool minty flavor, the cultural impact of the Shamrock Shake is undeniable. The anticipatory return is marked in calendars around the world, yet the painful reality of the phrase "limited time" never ceases to shatter hearts every year. While the St. Patty's Day phenomenon has acquired an impressive following, there are still things that even the most devoted fans don't know about this sweet minty treat. Are you ready to get stirred up? 

1. The Shamrock Shake has been around for almost 50 years 

First released in 1970, the Shamrock Shake made an annual appearance for approximately 20 years. It was discontinued for a brief period in the 1990s, but luckily made its way back into McDonald's restaurants (and our hearts) beginning in the early 2000s due to customer requests. 

2. It wasn't always minty

Believe it or not, the Shamrock Shake spent its first 13 years as a vanilla shake flavored with a hint of lemon-lime and green food coloring. It wasn't until 1983 when the idea for a mint shake was proposed, giving us the sweet treat we all know and love today. 

3. Shamrock Shakes weren't available nationwide until 2012

You heard it, only 6 years ago was everyone across the United States granted access into the shake's cult-following. Until that point, the Shamrock Shake wasn't readily available at all of the roughly 14,000 locations McDonald's restaurants occupy. Lucky for us, every store now offers this delectable seasonal treat. 

4. Shamrock Sundaes used to be a thing

In 1980, McDonald's introduced the Shamrock Shake's *temporary* best friend: the Shamrock Sundae. The sundae was a simple vanilla soft serve base drizzled with a conspicuous electric green minty syrup. Because of low sales, the franchise discontinued the dessert after only a year. Can't say I blame them. 

5. There is a such thing as a Shamrock Shake Tracker

If you've ever craved one off-season or are just unsure of which restaurant they've been spotted at, head to to find a Shamrock Shake near you. You definitely won't regret this one. 

6. You can make them at home

With McDonald's official release of the ingredients and nutrition facts list, Shamrock Shake consumers everywhere can know exactly what they're sipping when choosing to indulge. But, this isn't all bad news! Well, maybe for your arteries and cholesterol, but we knew this going in... There are an unlimited number of copycat recipes that show how to make the shakes whenever you're in the mood for one that could be a little bit better for you. And, no need to wait until March!

If you've never gotten the incredible opportunity to taste one of these life-changing shakes, head over to your nearest McDonald's to see what all the fuss is about. With over 60 million shakes sold since their debut, there's a lot to get excited about. But hurry! They're only available for a limited time!