There are a few types of stress that come with university. Two of them include being overwhelmed with the amount of work (not-so-great) and being overwhelmed with the amount of committees to join (better). 

The amount of clubs and events at AUC grows every year, which shows that there really is something for everyone. Almost everyone loves food, so Spoon University should technically be right for the entire student body. Spoon University is an online food publication written by and for university students.

To break it down for you, here's what you'll get by joining one of the most kick-ass organizations at our university. 

1. Food

ice, cake, cream, chocolate
Nour El-Azzouni

Most of our events or meetings will include food in one way or another. Outside of that, Spoon is really a platform where you can share your views and opinions, whether that's through text or visuals. If you've got an opinion about the food industry or a specific diet, you can allow your creativity and love for food flourish as one.   

2. Mind-blowing knowledge about the Internet

Even if you plan on doing a PhD in toxicology, the skills you gain with Spoon will be carried with you forever. It's very easy to see how you can improve things like writing and photography, but racking up page views and likes on Instagram doesn't just happen overnight. If you've ever wondered why you're so attracted to recipe round-ups or what the Kardashians put in their salads, then you'll definitely want to consider applying.  

3. Valuable bonding time

wine, beer
Anya Barel

Every month we get together for a big potluck dinner. How we do it better is by also cooking everything together. Even if you're just getting the hang of cooking or want to try out some weird combination, this is a safe space to do it. It's fun, it's delicious, and it's probably one of the best ways to bond.

4. Excuses to let out your inner foodie 

vegetable, meat, pepper, fish, tuna tartare
Diana Ghidanac

If you haven't already checked out our ultimate eating and drinking guide, you can see there are endless options to explore within Amsterdam's food scene. Being a part of Spoon gives you the perfect excuse to go out for brunch and stand up to get the perfect angle with no shame whatsoever.

Soon enough, you will be the go-to friend for recommending the coolest cafés or student-friendly restaurants. If you already are, then that's just more reason that Spoon University at AUC is right for you.