So… your New Year’s resolution to cut down on the sugar might not have worked out, but we were given another chance, people: Lent. A time to say goodbye to those sweets once again (for real this time). Although it might seem impossible to go sweet free for 44 days, there are tips and tricks to make the time less unbearable. Listen up.

1. Cereal


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For those of you who absolutely need sugar in your life, load up on cereal. Cocoa Puffs? Sure. It’s chocolatey, it’s sugary, but is it technically a sweet? No, it’s a breakfast food, duh. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Grab a bowl and treat yo’self.

2. Peanut Butter


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A spoonful of peanut butter can literally save your life. You can eat it with anything, and I mean anything. Apples, toast, oatmeal, you name it. It can even make something as boring as celery taste good. Switch it up with different flavors, yeah I said it, try them all. I’m a fan of the high-protein, low-sugar peanut spreads by Nuts n’ More or Buff Bake. They have lots of yummy flavors so you can alway switch it up, plus, it’s good for you!

3. Coconut Coated Cashews


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Trader Joe’s has everything, and I mean everything. Treat yourself with these coconut covered cashews. They fill you up and give you the perfect bite of sweetness at the same time. And honestly, who doesn’t love coconut?

4. Granola


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These crunchy clusters are the perfect sweet snack. Put it in yogurt with fruit to make a yummy parfait or eat it plain as a treat after a long day. You can find bags of granola in almost any store, so make sure to stock up. If going to the grocery store is too much of a hassle, make your own. There are tons of recipes out there just waiting to be made.

5. Yogurt Covered Pretzels


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If you’re a fan of all things sweet and salty, take note. Yogurt covered pretzels are the perfect indulgence. They immediately silence your sweet tooth and fill you up at the same time. The sweet yogurt coat tastes as good as candy (because it basically is, but whatever) and the pretzel adds the perfect amount of crunch. But warning, stay away from the chocolate covered pretzels…although they look the same, they’re loaded with sugar and will only ruin your attempts to avoid sweets.

6. Gum


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Whenever you’re hungry and craving some sugar, pop in a piece of gum. You don’t need to fill up on food in order to satisfy your sweet tooth. Chewing something sweet keeps your mind occupied and takes care of your craving. Plus, whenever the sugary taste disappears, there’s always another piece waiting to be chewed.

7. Protein Bars


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If you can’t live without your weekly candy bar, protein bars can take its place. They’re just as sweet as the sugar-packed alternative but are much better for you. With the added protein, you’ll be fuller and more satisfied than if you had nibbled on a piece of candy. Eat them as a snack or after a workout to fuel you for the rest of the day. My personal fave: Quest Bars.

8. Popcorn


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Ever heard of Boom Chicka Pop? Well, let me tell ya, it’s one of the greatest things to grace this earth. There are so many flavors to choose from both sweet and savory. Try their kettle corn or their salted caramel, you won’t regret it. Another plus, popcorn is easy to make at home too! Don’t let the sweetness fool you, popcorn is the perfect low-calorie snack so much on it whenever guilt free.

9. Oatmeal


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It’s time to step up your oatmeal game. Yeah, that’s right, I said it. Oatmeal. There are so many different things to be done with oatmeal. Add any toppings you like: peanut butter, coconut flakes, berries, you name it. It’ll fill you up, keep you feeling healthy, and satisfy your sweet tooth at breakfast. What more can you ask for?

10. Chia Pudding


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If you’re adventurous and are willing to try something new, try chia seed pudding. It’s packed with protein and extremely to make at home. So you save money in the bank and get a sweet or savory treat. This new fad is all over Instagram with people eating it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Eatin’ healthy and keepin’ it sweet. Might as well try it out, right?

11. Protein Pancakes


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Now listen, I know that pancakes have the reputation of being sweet and unhealthy, but I have news for you. Protein pancakes have changed the game. They might be sweet but they’re everything except unhealthy. Most recipes only call for bananas, eggs, and protein powders, the rest is up to you. There are tons of toppings to choose from to spruce up these pancakes, making them equally delicious and good for you.