We all understand the struggles of being broke college students living off instant ramen and snacks, but there are so many more nutritious and delicious options out there at the fair price of less than $5.

Finding this deal on campus may entail a scavenger hunt of your best food options, but who has time for that. I do! 

I found the Erb Memorial Union (EMU) is your best bet in starting for the cheap food quest as it has the most food options and is central to campus. From a Jamba Juice smoothie to Panda Express's orange chicken, you can be satisfied! But can you get it for less than $5?

Here is a list of the items you can get at the EMU for less than $5

1. Fresh Corner Market

Juliette Tisseur

Sustain bowl ($4.75): choice of one grain or one green, choice of one protein: chicken, tofu, or 7-vegetables tagine, and your choice of dressing

Juliette Tisseur

Tip: I like to ask for half chicken, half veggies so I can get my dose of veggies in for the day.

Soups: small ($3.75), large ($4.95)

Steel Cut Oats ($3.25): 3 toppings almond or walnuts, cranberries or raisins, maple syrup or honey, and brown sugar

 Breakfast Bowl ($3.95): brown rice or polenta, black beans, spinach, pico de gallo, avocado, and a poached egg (extra egg $1.00)

Mochi Bar: 1 ($1.50) or 3 ($4)

2. Falling Sky Pizza

Cheese Pizza slice: ($4.50)

Pepperoni Pizza slice: ($5.00)

Sides: Market salad ($4), greek salad($4.50),

kale caesar($4.50), cup of soup ($3.50), 3 chicken wings ($4) 

Dessert: Cookies ($2.50)

3. Townshend's Tea 

Link to their menu: https://www.townshendstea.com

Any premium hot tea: small ($3), medium ($3.50), large ($4)

Any hot tea chai & latte: medium ($4.50)

Any iced tea premium: medium ($3.50), large ($4)

Any iced tea chai & latte: medium ($4.50)

Kombucha: 16oz glass ($3.50), 24oz glass ($5)

Bubble tea: small ($4.50), add coconut milk or Oatly for $0.50

4. Chipotle

Chips & Queso/Chips & Guacamole: regular ($3.70)

Chips & Salsa: ($2.50)

Bean & Cheese Burrito: ($2.18)

Tip: get a bean and cheese burrito with a side of guacamole ($4.43)

5. Subway

Black Forest Ham Sandwich: 6inch ($4.49) 

Veggie Delight Sandwich:  6 inch ($4.19)

6 inch Classics: Cold Cut Combo ($4.19), Meatball Marinara ($4.49), Italian B.M.T. ($4.99), Spicy Italian ($4.59), Turkey Italian ($4.89)

Breakfast Sandwiches: ($4.29-$4.59)

6. Starbucks

Any small drink: ($4.95)

Breakfast Sandwiches: ($3.85 or $4.95)

Bagels: ($1.85)

Croissants: ($2.65) Cheese Danish: ($2.75) Almond Croissant: ($3.25)Blueberry Muffin: ($2.45)Scones: Blueberry ($2.75) Petite Vanilla Bean ($1.25)

Not all there food items are listed, but most of them were under $5!

7. Panda Express

Small entree: any of the meat or tofu options ($4.20)

Medium sides of the Chow Mein or Fried Rice: small 16oz ($3.20), large 20oz ($4.20)

Appetizer: One egg roll or one spring roll ($1.95)

8. Jamba Juice

Juice Shots: (2.99)

Unfortunately, none of there smoothies make it in the under $5 dollars category. However, they were close with their small smoothies costing $5.19.

Now go satisfy yourself and spend that $5 dollars on some kombucha or chips and queso!