February 29 comes around once every four years -- and it’s a day where you can do basically anything you want. Along these lines, calories don’t count on the leap year day. To maximize the utility of this fine opportunity, we must take advantage. If you’re stuck at Emory, not to fear, you can still get your fix of delicious leap year treats. I’ll take you through an ideal day of eating here.


Rise and Shine. The greatest day of the year (don’t judge me) has begun. Time to start indulging. There’s only one way to do breakfast here at Emory, and that’s to make your way to General Muir. The deli section has an amazing selection of freshly baked bagels that are delicious when paired with cream cheese, lox, onions, capers, tomato, or my personal favorite, avocado. It would be wrong to get breakfast without coffee, so make sure to check out their espresso menu which includes everything from lattes to mochas to americanos. If you have time to sit down, General Muir boasts a lengthy breakfast menu. I recommend the omelette or the pecan crusted french toast -- both are to die for. Treat yourself right this leap year and indulge in a cocktail. They are all high quality and have interesting names such as “If Wishes Were Horses”. Curious? Looks like you’ll have to order one for yourself to figure out what it tastes like.


A few hours pass from that luscious breakfast, and I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry again. Time for a little Kaldi’s grind. Not only is Kaldi’s the perfect place to grind some homework out (the downside of an extra day in the year means an extra day of work), it also boasts a delicious menu. The Depot’s new menu offers flatbreads, salads, sandwiches and a delicious breakfast plate. The ESC location has delicious burritos and bowls. Being calories don’t count on the leap year day, treat yourself to a drink, meal and bakery item. The baked goods at both locations (cinnamon chip scone!!! Zucchini bread!!!) are to die for. Cap off your meal with a fire pot tea (highly recommend oat milk matcha) or if you need some more caffeine to get through the day, a cookie latte.


When dinner time rolls around, it’s time for, quite arguably, the star of the show. And at this moment, I am incredibly glad that February 29 is not a Sunday -- it’s time for a Dragon Bowl. Dragon Bowl is by far the best restaurant in Emory Village. Being this is your last Leap Year meal for four years, you absolutely must treat yourself. Get yourself some scallion pancakes, edamame, or dumplings (or all three). The best part of Dragon Bowl is being able to build your own bowl. The brussel sprouts are unlike any other I’ve ever had and compliment the sweet potatoes perfectly. Put them over some vermicelli or kale and drizzle that bowl with peanut sauce and you. Are. Set.


Don’t think that the Leap Year Day could go by without dessert. Quite possibly the most basic but delicious Emory dessert location, Ali’s Cookies will get the job done to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can get yourself a warm homemade cookie, creamy milkshake, or ice cream depending on your mood. If you’re really feeling it (which you 100% should be), treat yourself to an ice cream cookie sandwich -- any two cookies with a scoop of ice cream sandwiched in between. This is the absolute perfect way to end the Leap Year Day of eating.

This day of eats should leave you feeling satisfied and looking forward to next Leap Year. Sadly for us, we will only experience one Leap Year during our time at Emory. Don’t fear though, these trusty locations are around every day of the year. So be prepared to make frequent trips back and get ready to eat up!