Eat my vegetables? No thanks, I’d rather meet my vegetables.

The Mushroom Man, the Celery Chick, and the Potato Pal


Drawings by Danielle Limcaoco

The Mushroom Man: The mushroom would be a man who is humble, down-to-earth, and extremely competent and skilled at what he does. You’d want to work on projects with him, trust him with important tasks, or just grab a cup of coffee with him and get to know him better.

The Celery Chick: Stylish, suave, and sophisticated. Celery would be someone who likes to drink frappuccinos, shop, work out, and listen to the latest Taylor Swift song. She’d be fun to hang out and party with, but keeping up with her lifestyle may be difficult. But hey, at least you know she’d always be down to go spinning with you!

The Potato Pal: Although the potato would be quite lazy, everyone would love to just chill with him. If you want to stay in during the weekends, you know a quick phone call to your potato pal means a low-key, yet fun, night complete with movies and chips. A true friend through and through!

The Crazed Carrot, the Affectionate Avocado, and the Brash Brussel Sprout


Drawings by Danielle Limcaoco

The Crazed Carrot: The carrot would definitely love waking up early in the morning, running around to use up its abundant energy, and living life with zest. It’d be hard to keep up with his active lifestyle, but at least he’d be great at motivating you to seize each day.

The Affectionate Avocado: The avocado would be a straight up avo-cuddler. She’s a perfect fit in any social situation, because she’s compassionate, warm, and just one of those people who everyone loves.

The Brash Brussel Sprout: The brussel sprout would be a hit-or-miss character. He would be rough around the edges and not well-liked by many – especially because of his bad reputation. However, he would be deeply loved by a few, and he would truly and fiercely love those closest to him in return.

The Precious Pea, the Keen Kale, the Broccoli Bro, and the Corn Companion


Drawings by Danielle Limcaoco

The Precious Pea: The pea would be adorable, sweet, gentle, and soft-spoken. She’d want to come to your house with freshly baked cookies if she heard you were having a bad day. Everyone would benefit from having a pea as a little sister, or close friend.

The Keen Kale: Kale would be up to date with all the craziest health trends and exercise fads. She would be hip, modern, and extremely healthy.

The Broccoli Bro: Broccoli would make a bad first impression, but over time people would grow to love (or at least tolerate) him.

The Corn Companion: Corn would be simple, all-American, and dependable. She’d come with no frills, no extra baggage, and be extremely low maintenance. She wouldn’t take any nonsense from anyone and always be drama-free.