Searching for the perfect Valentine's treat to give your special someone? Find inspiration in your favorite pairing of foods with these unique and gourmet food gifts.

Peanut Butter and Jelly: Sugarfina Candies

We all love the classic duo of PB&J from our childhood (and maybe adulthood) lunches. These pretty, pink gourmet caramels encapsulate this perfect duo, and are the perfect Valentine's treats for sharing with someone just as sweet.

Mac and cheese: Cheetos Mac & Cheese

Imagine cheddar's creamy, cheesy personality intertwined with macaroni in crispy, bite-sized treats. These Cheetos mac and cheese snacks bring the comfort of your favorite pasta pair into pop-able portions. These are perfect for chilling on the couch with bae, or for sneaking into a movie theater to watch the latest romantic flick.

Root Beer and Vanilla Ice Cream: Root Beer Float Marshmallows

Root beer — the bubbly friend who is always there to support and lift up vanilla ice cream. This iconic duo brings delightful creaminess with a cooling touch. Try enjoying their collective frothy sweetness in these marshmallows

Apples and Cinnamon: Gummy Bears

The beloved fruity, warm combination gets an adult twist with these Apple Cinnamon Manhattan gummy bears. These cute little bears are practically asking to be your Valentine.

Milkshake and Fries: Ice Cream

Maybe you've found your soulmate in someone else who dunks their fries in their milkshake. This combo is perfectly balanced between salt and sweet, just like you and your valentine. But take that delicious duo to the next level in the form of ice cream

Cereal and Milk: Compartes Chocolate Bar

Cereal and milk are great enjoyed separately, but together, they are exponentially better. These gourmet chocolate bars upgrade this duo to a portable treat, perfect for a Valentine's Day rendezvous. 

Chilli and Lime: Tea Blend

Hot and tropical, this pair is spicy yet addicting. Add an extra touch of class to your chilli lime pairing, and enjoy teatime for two with this unique blend.

Whether you and your significant other are the personification of one of these food power couples, or whether food is your significant other, give one of these Valentine's treats a try! Who know’s— maybe you’ll fall in love.