Every comic book and superhero movie fan knows about the battle between Marvel and DC. And with the newly released trailer of the Justice League movie, even I must say DC may be winning this battle. Sorry, Spiderman.

The new trailer also had me thinking about what foods the new group of superheroes would eat together. After frankly too much research, I discovered that Gotham City is inspired by places such as Chicago and New York City. And what do those two cities have in common? Pizza.

So, here are my theories about what pizza your favorite Justice League member would order:

Batman (Bruce Wayne): Original Cheese Slice

Bruce Wayne has enough money to buy any pizza in the world. However, there is nothing that beats the taste of a classic cheese pizza. The Chicago Deep Dish is a sinful splurge. All those years in Gotham City, he is bound to know all the best pizza places. I wish he was in my squad.

Aquaman (Arthur Curry): Hawaiian Slice

Let's be honest, pineapple on your pizza is just one of those things that's a hit or miss for people. But who would dare argue with Aquaman about it? As the king of Atlantis, why not eat the pizza named after one of the most beautiful islands? Much like the man himself, this pizza has two sides and both are admired.

Wonder Woman (Diane Prince): Margherita Slice

Wonder Woman is over 5,000 years old and is still slaying. Therefore, her pizza choice goes way back to Italy in the early 1800s. The Pizza Margherita is classy, but nevertheless fun and delicious. At times, she may switch it up with a veggie pizza. But who are we kidding, this Amazonian warrior princess can eat whatever she wants.

The Flash (Barry Allen): Supreme Slice

Allen's super speed causes him to burn a lot of calories. According to one source (yes, I looked this up), Barry would need to consume 10,000 calories before starting a run. Therefore, his pizzas must be loaded with all types of toppings. Not only would the amount of toppings be large but also the amount of pizzas themselves. I'm afraid he's going to have to bring his own pizzas to this pizza party.

Superman (Clark Kent): Pepperoni Slice

Another classic. I am starting to see the true origins for Batman v. Superman. Have you ever tried ordering a pizza and there is always that one friend who wants pepperoni? That's Mr. Clark Kent. Journalist by day and superhero by night, Kent requires cheap and easily accessible food. But sometimes even cheese can get boring. I mean, we all can't be Bruce Wayne.

Cyborg (Victor Stone): Honestly Anything

Fun fact: Victor Stone is not a name you hear often in the DC universe. But if you have watched the show Teen Titans, this is the same character. Crazy, right? Well, from the show, we know Cyborg eats pretty much everything. But what is his favorite food you ask? Pizza. Let's also not forget Justice League Cyborg was a star football player in his youth. So basically, The Flash and Cyborg could have a pizza eating competition.

If you are anything like me, you cannot wait until the Justice League film is released. Much like any other group, the league is composed of different people from different backgrounds. And much like any other group, they can bond over their love of pizza. Which member did you relate the most to? Which member do you wish was in your squad?