Whether you like spending your weekends outdoors or in the comfort of your own bed, there's a peanut butter out there for you. Pick how you would spend a Saturday and find out what type of peanut butter you are.

Watch Netflix: Skippy

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Jocelyn Hsu

If you choose to spend your weekend streaming Netflix in your pjs, Skippy is definitely the peanut butter for you. You love the smooth texture and just how easy it is to spread on a piece of toast.

If toast requires too much effort after your long Netflix marathon, just grab a spoon and dig in to that jar of Skippy. You can even pair it with some Oreos for the perfect movie treat if you and your friends are watching "The Parent Trap." 

Your type is comfort all the way, so take a heaping spoonful of Skippy's creamy goodness and enjoy the weekend.

Go For a Run: MaraNatha Butter

For all those outdoorsy weekenders, MaraNatha Butter is the peanut butter for your fitness lifestyle. Mix a heaping scoop into your oatmeal for your hearty morning breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day, after all!

After your nice dose of exercise, have some MaraNatha with apple slices for a nutrient-packed snack. There are so many ways to mix PB into your life—eat a spoonful for recovery, add it to your açai bowl, mix some in your post-workout smoothie—the possibilities are endless.

MaraNatha comes in different nut and flavor varieties, so make sure to experiment until you find your favorite. Even go for their almond butter if you're looking for a sweeter snack throughout your active weekend.

Go On a Nature Hike: Trader Joe's Crunchy Almond Butter

Your type of peanut butter is actually almond butter, but you're granola enough to embrace it. Trader Joe's Crunchy Almond Butter was practically made for you. 

Become one with nature with Trader Joe's organic nut butters. Make an AB&J for a mid-hike snack to fuel you up that mountain.

Soak up the scenery and enjoy the fresh air this weekend, knowing you have a jar of Trader Joe's stashed in your pack for later.

Spend It With Your S.O.: Nutella

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Alina Edep

Okay, so I know this isn't necessarily peanut butter, but if you're looking forward to a weekend with your S.O., get ready for a sweet treat. Nutella blends the best of both worlds: nut butter and dessert. Get the most hazelnut butter has to offer by adding chocolate in the mix.

Take a break from spooning with your S.O. to eat a few (or more) spoonfuls of this hazel-nutty goodness. Just make sure there is enough left in the jar for two to share! 

Party All Night: Reese's Cups

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Laura Palladino

Still wondering what type of peanut butter you are? Maybe peanut butter on its own isn't enough to describe your bold personality. For all the wild souls ready to party their way through the weekend, Reese's Cups are your inner peanut buttery candy.

Plain old peanut butter just isn't enough to get you through a crazy night of partying. Unwrap a Reese's Cup to get the fuel (yes, sugar) you need for a night out on the town.  

The sugar rush will help you fight off a crazy week of studying and midterms, or at least that's what I like to think. But anyways, the delicious peanut butter chocolate flavor in a Reese's Cup will be sure to put you in a good mood. 

Study in the Library: Justin's PB Snack Pack

A Justin's PB squeeze pack is calling to you if you plan on spending the weekend in the library. Bringing a whole jar of PB to the library is just a little too embarrassing, so try Justin's portable option instead. 

Justin's snack packs are perfect for the lifestyle of an on-the-go student and great for late night brainfood. Justin's sells Maple, Vanilla, and Honey-flavored packets, too. They have released new snack products to bring even more variety to your study breaks. 

Snack smart by rewarding your studying with just the right amount of Justin's!

And If You're Allergic to Peanut Butter: Sunflower Seed Butter

Tired of feeling left out of the peanut butter craze this weekend? Don't worry if you're allergic to nuts, they are overrated anyways. No more missing out the quintessential PB&J lunch experience. Simply replace the peanut butter with this nut-free alternative.

Pair your sunflower butter with anything your heart desires, because you aren't going to go into anaphylactic shock with this one. One of my favorites is SB on a piece of honey wheat toast, drizzled with some honey for the perfect combination of salty and sweet.  

From crunchy to smooth and all consistencies in between, there is a peanut butter out there that describes your personality. Just like you, each type of peanut butter has its own special flair. Hope you found your nutty match!