Can we predict your personality when it comes to dating by your favorite donut? Let's find out! Find your favorite on our list and see if you match up!

1.) Glazed

doughnut, sweet, pastry, cake, candy, chocolate, dough, jam, bread
Megan Prendergast

Similar to the glazed donut, you are sweet and simple. Guys are drawn to you due to your friendly personality and low maintenance attitude. Just as the glazed donut is a dependable choice no matter the donut shop, you are loyal and always there for your significant other.

2.) Boston Creme

chocolate, cream, pastry, cake, sweet
Dorothy Ballowe

You may not be from Massachusetts but you come off as a typical "masshole." You are tough on the outside which may scare some guys off, but once they get to know you your sweet, soft center shines through. Once they see what's inside, they can't get enough.

3.) Coconut

cream, sweet, pastry, cake, chocolate
Jody Brimacombe

You are full of energy and always up for an adventure. Some might call you "nuts" but we just say fun-loving. You live for the warmth and outdoors, so you're a summer fling type of girl.

4.) Sprinkle

city life, Manhattan, Nyc, sprinkles, donut, nyc eats, New York City, City, view
Shanti Basu

Just as the sprinkles on this donut are everywhere, so are your thoughts. You can be a bit of a day-dreamer, but you're super sweet and fun. You make your man feel like a kid again and he loves you for that and so much more.


sweet, pastry, candy, chocolate, cake, beignets, bread
Christian Stafford

You're very traditional when it comes to dating. You love when a guy pays for your meal and comes to the door to pick you up. Some might think you're boring, but you are very considerate and caring when it comes to those you love, making you a great girlfriend.

6.) Chocolate Cake

chocolate, sweet, candy, pastry, cake, cookie
Jocelyn Hsu

You're either a chocolate person, or you're not. Certain types of guys absolutely adore you while others see you as more of a friend rather than a girlfriend. Guys cling to you and you often have problems with your exes not leaving you alone. But hey, its not your fault you're irresistible.