If haven't taken time to visit Zombie Donuts, you're missing out on freshly-fried, customized donuts (and even if you've been, I promise you're not going enough). 

With so many options available, choosing from their made-to-order menu can be quite difficult. So I made it easy for you by taking out the guess work. Here is what you should get from Zombie Donuts based off your major.

Pre-Med: Lemon Coconut 

sweet, candy, chocolate, cake, doughnut
Lexi Nickens

Anyone planning to go to med school should make healthier choices, right? And if it's topped with lemon and coconut, the donut is basically good for you, right? It might be a stretch, but regardless, pre-med students have to work hard enough to earn it, so go get yourself a treat from Zombie donuts. 

Pre-Vet: Chocolate M&Ms

chocolate, cake, chocolate cake, sprinkles
Lexi Nickens

For pre-vet majors, their own health doesn't matter nearly as much as their animals' health, so to protect your four-legged patients, you'll have to avoid chocolate like the plague once you start working. Get your chocolate fix now with the most chocolatey donut Zombie has to offer. 

Business: Vanilla Caramel Drizzle 

doughnut, chocolate, cake, sweet, pastry, candy, sprinkles
Lexi Nickens

If you're majoring in business, you're probably doing it because you know it can land you a good job. It's totally okay to be in it for the money, but when it comes to your choice of donut, you've got to own it. Go for the gold and get that caramel drizzle. 

Economics: Vanilla 

doughnut, pastry, sweet, chocolate
Lexi Nickens

Although it could technically be considered a business major, economics just seems a little more cut-and-dry. It's basically business with more math and a little less pizazz, so no caramel drizzle needed. Just keep it sweet and simple with plain vanilla. 

Psychology: Cinnamon Sugar 

cake, doughnut, chocolate, coffee
Lexi Nickens

Like econ majors, psychology majors should keep it classic with the cinnamon sugar donut. Ordering the most popular and widely-loved type could give you better insight into other people's minds. Isn't that what psychology is all about? So go grab yourself this sugary donut. It's basically a learning experience. 

Journalism: Vanilla Oreo

chocolate, cupcake, doughnut, cake
Lexi Nickens

Journalism is all about getting the hard-hitting facts. Reporting the news is black and white, just like Zombie Donuts' Vanilla Oreo (not to mention the Oreos kind of look like black text on sweet vanilla paper).

Education: Strawberry Fruity Pebbles 

sprinkles, candy, doughnut, chocolate, sweet, cake, goody
Lexi Nickens

Unlike journalism majors, education majors are bound to have a more colorful career. In order to connect with their students, education majors need to be able to channel their inner child. You will not find a donut as fun or as childish as the strawberry Fruity Pebbles donut. 

International Affairs: Chocolate Rainbow Sprinkles

chocolate, doughnut, sprinkles, cake
Lexi Nickens

International affairs majors need a colorful donut. You will be interacting with people of all demographics, so you must fully embrace diversity. No donut better represents variety than the chocolate rainbow sprinkle. 

Art: Design Your Own

coffee, beer, date, tea, pizza
Lexi Nickens

While their signature donuts are great, the best part of Zombie Donuts is their DYO menu. While everyone will love getting to choose their own icings and toppings, art majors can really use this opportunity to let their creativity shine. Go crazy. Mix and match. Make another masterpiece to put in your portfolio. 

Undecided: Half Chocolate/Half Vanilla

chocolate, doughnut, coffee, candy, sweet
Lexi Nickens

Even if you're undecided, Zombie Donuts has something for you. They know that the only thing as difficult as choosing your major is choosing what kind of icing you want. So you can go ahead and get both vanilla and chocolate with their half-and-half donut. Own your indecisiveness