KIND; they're that brand that makes amazing yet healthy bars for us all to consume. Although I just covered their KIND BARK release, they have another release for you to enjoy; and that just so happens to be their equality bars. With that being said, here's what you need to know about the new bars themselves.

Everything to know

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Becky Hughes

KIND's new equality bars come in a box of 12 that retails for $15.49 on their website. The cool thing about these bars in specific is that 100% of proceeds with a minimum donation of $10,000 -- will be donated to the Alice Paul Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to gender equality and furthering the legacy of Alice Paul, the original Equal Rights Amendment creator. This is one piece of the larger KIND EQUALITY program that also includes an EQUALITY Bot to help American's voice their support of the Equal Rights Amendment to their elected officials. You can see how it works by texting "Pass the ERA" to 50409. 

According to a press release, “It has been nearly 100 years since the ERA was first introduced to Congress for gender equality to become a constitutional right,” says Elle Lanning, Chief of Staff at KIND. “KIND has always used our voice to elevate kindness and empathy. In this case, our team, which is comprised mostly of women, is proud to support the ratification of the ERA. Through this program, our hope is to help solidify gender equality as a basic human right in this country, once and for all.”

The thing with public polls is that they consistently show that 80% of Americans believe (mistakenly) that men and women are automatically guaranteed equal rights by the U.S. Constitution, yet the U.S. is one of the few modern countries without equal rights promised in a constitution. 2 The ERA is critical to preserving and enforcing equality and without the amendment, current laws protecting gender equality and social advancement can be amended or repealed at any time. “We have learned from Alice Paul, the original ERA author and one of America’s greatest champions for civil rights, that in order to push the ERA into the U.S. Constitution, we need to rally as much support as possible,” says Lucienne Beard, Executive Director of the Alice Paul Institute. “By partnering with KIND and its EQUALITY Bot service, we are making it as easy as possible for Americans to share their support for the ERA and make history by finally achieving legal gender equality in this country.”

I personally think that the EQUALITY Bot is a cool thing, and that's because it's a service that takes the traditionally complicated and time-consuming act of contacting elected state officials and transforms it by providinga convenient text message service for people’s voices to be heard. Americans can simply text “Pass theERA” to 50409 to sign KIND’s collective petition that will be sent directly to participants’ state officials to increase the likelihood that this amendment will enter the U.S. Constitution. If you share proof of signing the petition on Twitter and tag @kindsnacks between March 3rd and March 31st , KIND will donate an additional $1 to the Alice Paul Institute, with a maximum additional donation of $20,000.

Who doesn't love eating and social media? Can't name a single person that doesn't love one or the other; or both, and while you're eating, you can easily make a donation to help get equality for all to be a thing of the moment and of the future.