Starbucks announced their official holiday launch to be Friday, November 2nd. This left one solid single day to switch over from their 2018 Halloween Witch's Brew Frappuccino to their holiday festivities.

First things first, before we bring up all the returning holiday drinks that are worth all the hype, let's talk about the cups. A new holiday season at Starbucks means a new, limited edition cup design, so stop in to see how creative the coffee company got with their cups this year. Also, while supplies last, reusable red holiday cups will be given to customers for free with the purchase of a grande holiday drink. 

Now, it's time to discuss the most important matter of the whole ordeal: what drinks are returning? The answer is essentially all of them. Returning drinks are the caramel brûlée latte, peppermint mochas (which are actually available year-round, btw), gingerbread latte, eggnog latte, toasted white mocha latte, and chestnut praline. These drinks are available hot, iced, or in a Frappuccino blended beverage. If you haven't tasted these wonderfully handcrafted beverages already, then it is highly suggested that you stop reading this and go grab a cup at your nearest Starbucks location (it can't be more than five miles away, let's be real). 

While the returns of these iconic drinks are exciting, new food items will also be available. These foods are perfect to try while sipping on that heavenly white peppermint mocha with the lovely whipped cream and those perfect chocolate curls. Confirmed food items for the season include a chocolate swirl brioche, pistachio honey croissant, sugar plum cheese danish, and an adorable penguin cake pop. Yeah, I think we're all excited now, and our taste buds are tingling. 

At most Starbucks locations, the beginning of the holiday festivities is obvious, as decorations will set the mood even more. Plus, there is a Starbucks Christmas Blend, which makes that highly praised, much awaited for holiday feel tangible. Furthermore, look around the store for some limited time merchandise, which could make the perfect gift for any coffee or tea (because tea is good too) lovers out there. 

While it's possible to think, "Isn't November a little early? Shouldn't we focus on Thanksgiving first?", it's important to relax and remember it is only coffee. Not that coffee isn't important, it's just that these seasonal flavors are more important, and we should be happy that they're here. So, it's time we go to Starbucks, get all caffeinated up, and wait to see if they have any other never-before-seen holiday tricks up their sleeve.