In case you missed it, Drake Bell and Josh Peck, who played step-brothers on the popular Nickelodeon show "Drake & Josh", have been involved in some drama. Drake was not invited Josh's recent wedding, and went on a twitter rant about it which he has since deleted. While Josh claims the two haven't talked much lately, Drake has said Josh has been his friend for 18 years. Interesting.

John Stamos even jumped in on the drama and posted a photo of him and Josh to Instagram with a sassy caption, reading, "I got invited to the wedding and I didn't even want to go." While Drake says he doesn't want fans going after Josh, it seems the two have some talking to do.

As my sister and I were discussing the drama, she gave me the idea for this article. Try to remember the good times, and soothe your feelings surrounding the feud with this list of foods to eat. 

1. Cumin Waffles

waffle, sweet, chocolate, cake, cream, cookie, pastry, coffee
Jillian Rogers

Remember when Drake put cumin in Walter's waffles instead of cinnamon?  Walter was allergic, Josh freaked out, and we all loved the display of hilarious brotherly shenanigans. Drake even took a bite and said he liked the waffle, so why not give it a try for yourself?

2. Popcorn

Because even though feuds can be sad, you can't deny that they are pretty entertaining. Both Drake and Josh even spent time working at the movie theater on the show. So pour out the butter and get munchin' while you anxiously await more details.

3. Sushi

sushi, seafood, avocado, rice, salmon, wasabi, fish, shrimp, tuna, eel, nori, cucumber, ginger, crab, roll, sushi roll, California roll, Take Out
Caroline Ingalls

Who can forget Drake and Josh struggling hardcore while working with a conveyor belt in a sushi factory? Hilarious. Celebrate the fact that you *hopefully* don't have to do that yourself to earn money for stolen furniture like the boys, and grab some sushi from your fav place.

4. Really Big Shrimp

shrimp, seafood, prawn, shellfish, scampi, scallop
Bernard Wen

Eat this in honor of the series finale titled "Really Big Shrimp". Josh was distracted in this episode while signing an important contract for Drake, due to some really big shrimp. Make your huge shrimp "bang bang" style with this recipe, because bang bang shrimp is the freakin' best.

4. Salsa

salsa, vegetable, chili, pepper
Santina Renzi

During one episode Josh entered a salsa making competition, because of his passion for making it of course. Drake decided he also wanted in on it, but only for the reward. Typical. Try out a fun fruit salsa recipe here. 

5. Candy

Drake was always eating junk food. In a bet he made with Josh, Drake tried to see how long he could go without it, while Josh tried to go without video games. Josh tried to tempt Drake by decorating their room with all kinds of candy. And I know you wanted to swim in that chocolate pool and eat the chocolate cups because I sure did.

6. Ice Cream

milk, chocolate, cream, coffee, sweet, candy, cappuccino
Rica Beltran

If you're feeling heartbroken and confused about where they stand with one another now, grab a pint of ice cream to ease the pain. Ice cream is, of course, the key to dealing with sadness.

7. Cake

cake, tea, birthday cake
Emma Devlin

Because a big part of a wedding is the cake. Even though we weren't invited to the wedding either, we still want to feel a part of the celebration. Grab some cake while you look at Josh's wedding pictures and pretend you were there too.

This drama has been giving people some feelings lately, some taking Drake's side and some taking Josh's. However you felt about it, let's hope Drake and Josh can talk through their feelings and hug it out in the near future.