For better or worse, this seemingly endless election cycle is coming to a close on November 8th. But before we get through the final stretch, the candidates will battle it out in two more debates, one of which (ICYMI) is happening on our very own Washington University in St. Louis campus!

Whether you're watching at the event itself or not, I think we can all agree that no debate-watching party is complete without the perfect snacks. How else could we be expected to sit through televised arguing for hours on end?

So whether you prefer Donald's Diet Coke and Oreos or Hillary's jalapeños and hummus, here are six snack options sure to make this next debate a little easier to swallow.

1. Apple Pie 

pie, pumpkin
Jenna Thomas

Feel like showing off your patriotism while engaging in the highly patriotic act of watching a Presidential debate? Apple pie is the perfect snack choice: rich, warm and classically all-American.

I personally like my pie served hot and with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream. Honestly, people who eat cold apple pie confuse me about as much as Jeb Bush's pocket turtles.

2. Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream

As a good Texan, I'm a Blue Bell loyalist at heart, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love this iconic Ben & Jerry's flavor. It's sweet, delightful and perfectly tongue-in-cheek—just like TV personality Steven Colbert, the inspiration/designer of Americone Dream.

Enjoy a pint during the debate, and after it's all over, soothe your politically exhausted soul with reruns of the Colbert Report.

3. Anything With Hot Sauce

sushi, wine
Jenna Thomas

While any situation involving Donald Trump speaking is sure to be anything but bland, further spice up your debate-watch party with some fiery hot sauce.

A personal favorite of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, hot sauce can step up the game of any snack, whether it's tacos, popcorn, or even ice cream.  

Plus, hot sauce is known to have lots of health benefits, so those of us suffering from the omnipresent mid-semester bug can rejoice. 

4. Corn

While corn might seem like an obviously American choice as a quintessential 4th of July food, corn is even more closely connected to this election than you may think.

As @ProBirdRights has suggested on Twitter, Republican nominee Donald Trump may actually be a giant talking corn in disguise. You have to admit—it's a fair point. 

5. Sandwiches

Jenna Thomas

Still feeling a little (h)angry about dark horse Bernie's absence from the Presidential ballot? Stage a small and appetizing protest by eating sandwiches, the accidental official campaign food of Bernie Sandwiches... I mean, Sanders. 

Consider pairing a sandwich with some of that hot sauce (my personal fave is creamy Sriracha) if you really want to feel the Bern. 

6. Trump Steaks

broccoli, garlic, steak, butter
Jenna Thomas

As you may have heard, Donald Trump is a man of many entrepreneurial endeavors. I mean, what hasn't he tried his hand at? Power through debate-watching fatigue with some protein-packed red meat.

As for recipe suggestions, consider this: salt and pepper lightly, wrap in your Trump University degree (might as well get some use out of it), and toss on the grill.

BONUS: Literally just a ton of alcohol

wine, alcohol, liquor, beer, whisky
Jenna Thomas

Food is all well and fine, of course, but I think we can all agree that this particular election cycle warrants at least a few drinks. Be sure to stock up before the big day (and if you're feeling uninspired, check out our debate-watching drinking game to get your party started).