With the Oscars just passing, you probably found out about some new, interesting movies this year. So here are some great foods that you and your loved ones can enjoy while sitting down and enjoying some fantastic flicks.

1. The Revenant: Steak 

Best Picture Oscar Nominated Movies

Photo by Daniel Schuleman

The Revenant is a thrilling drama all about survival in the wilderness. So, what else would give you that wilderness feel other than a juicy steak? Preferably, rare like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar.

2. Mad Max: Fury Road: Soft Pretzels with Spicy Mustard

Best Picture Oscar Nominated Movies

Photo by Jenny Shen

Mad Max: Fury Road takes place in a post-apolcalyptic Australia that has turned into a desert where water and gasoline are fought over. So, what better to go along with the dry desert than warm, salty pretzels. But, to go one step further, crack open some spicy mustard to release the wild side just like Imperator Furiosa.

3. The Big Short: Macaroni and Cheese  

Best Picture Oscar Nominated Movies

Photo by Alex Weiner

In the mid-2000s, which is when The Big Short takes place, most of us were young children, having delicious, home-cooked meals for dinner every night. One of those meals, and probably the best of them, being classic, American macaroni and cheese.

4. Bridge of Spies: Baked Alaska

Best Picture Oscar Nominated Movies

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Verdeman

Bridge of Spies is a Cold War thriller that follows an American lawyer who must travel to Berlin to attempt to free an American pilot from a ten year prison sentence by the Soviet Union. Baked Alaska goes perfectly with this flick because not only was it very popular during the Cold War era, but the meringue burns like Soviet Russia’s heart.

If you’re not feeling the Alaskan flavor, here’s a super easy recipe for a quick chocolate mug cake that will definitely satisfy your sweet side.

5. Brooklyn: Shepherd’s Pie

Best Picture Oscar Nominated Movies

Photo courtesy of Sodanie Chea

Brooklyn follows the story of Eilise Lacey, an Irish immigrant coming to the United States, as she tries to adjust to American living, as well as, American love. I felt it was appropriate to place a story of an Irish girl alongside Shepherd’s Pie, a beloved Irish dish.

Feeling Irish but don’t want Shepherd’s Pie? Then here’s a list of incredible Irish foods every Irish person craves.

6. The Martian: Potato Skins 

Best Picture Oscar Nominated Movies

Photo courtesy of Don Donaldson

If you’ve seen or even read The Martian, then you know anything made from potatoes is an obvious choice. Without spoiling this fantastic space drama, I’ll just say that potatoes are absolutely vital to Mark Watney getting off Mars. Now, why potato skins specifically, you may ask? Well, The Martian is an American epic about NASA exploration and, what is more American than hot cheese and bacon on top of a delicious potato with a bit of green onions sprinkled on top?

Not interested in Potato skins, but still want potatoes? Here’s an easy recipe for some amazing potato soup

7. Room: Pizza

Best Picture Oscar Nominated Movies

Photo courtesy of @chicken4god from Instagram

Room is about a woman and her son, locked in a room for years with that room being the boy’s only experience in life. And being college students, we know what it is like to stay in a single room for an extended period of time, whether it be for studying or binge-watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. So, the ideal food for staying in and watching our favorite show would be a pizza delivered to our door.

8. Spotlight: Tortilla Chips and Spinach Dip

Best Picture Oscar Nominated Movies

Photo courtesy of ninacoco on Flickr

Spotlight is a fast-paced, historical drama that you will not want to stop watching. That’s why a large bag of tortilla chips with a creamy spinach dip are perfect to keep you seated and satisfied.

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