Today is the day! After months of hard work and refreshing your email you finally got your study abroad acceptance letter. Looks like its time to break out the...Oreos? This big moment in life calls for a celebration bigger than that.

When it comes to getting in touch with the new culture you are going to be immersed in, there is no time like the present. Check out these traditional cuisines from the top 10 study abroad destinations, then invite your friends and fam over to dig in.

1. United Kingdom

Bangers & Mash

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The United Kingdom, which consists of Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, is so close to a number of other European countries making it optimal for travel while you're abroad. While you won't need to study a new language to go here, you should consider studying their extensive list of traditional foods.

Banger's and mash is among the most popular, and there are tons of traditional recipes online, like this one. Make enough for all your favorite lads and invite them over for a feast.

2. Italy

vegan lasagna

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If you didn't get enough traditional cuisine from your Italian grandma, studying abroad in Italy is your chance. This romantic country stacks up as number two on the list because of its incredibly influential culinary history and culture. Traditional Italian lasagna will prep your body for the months of pasta and pizza you are about to endure.

3. Spain


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Spain is full of cities that offer a young and hip atmosphere that appeals to so many study abroad students. It's a country that dishes out music, art, and delicious foods like this flavorful paella. Impress your guests and embrace this Spanish classic recipe.

4. France


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France is the most visited country in the world, and for good reason. The wine and food culture alone are worth a trip. Ratatouille is more than just a movie about a rat, it's one of France's most traditional dishes, too. Make some for your besties with this recipe.

5. China


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Don't cheat yourself with local Chinese takeout, make traditional dumplings by hand before you jet set. You'll undoubtedly see these everywhere once you're abroad, as they are one of the most popular side dishes. Get creative in the kitchen by adding your own flare, or keep it classic with this recipe.

6. Australia

Meat pie

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While studying abroad in Australia, keep an eye out for koalas and kangaroos, but especially for these customary meat pies. Packed with flavor and culture, you'll be begging for more. You'll want to call on your closest mates to help you out with this ambitious recipe.

7. Mexico

Enchiladas Suizas Redux

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Just South of the United States is a country bursting with flavor and culture. Studying abroad in Mexico is a popular choice for these and many other reasons. The food there is deep rooted with history, and you'd be sorry not to test out a recipe like this one for Enchiladas before your big trip.

8. Germany

Salat, schnitzel, pommes frites og hvedeøl

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If you're like me, you had raging fomo from all your friend's Snapchats at Oktoberfest. Bring a taste of that culture to your own kitchen with this amazing recipe for schnitzel. It's among the most popular dishes you'll find there, and among the easiest to make in celebration.

9. Ireland

St. Patrick's Day 2011: Soda Bread

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Take it from me, Irish soda bread is a game changer. It's the perfect addition to a complete Irish breakfast, keeping up with just one of their many food-related traditions. It may just end up being your late night snack when you're living abroad

10. Costa Rica


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Last but certainly not least on the top 10 list is Costa Rica. One of the cheapest places to study abroad and practice Spanish, it certainly appeals to young college students. "Un plato típico" of Costa Rica is the traditional Casado, meaning "married." This ties in amazing flavors and ingredients like white rice, black beans, and fried plantains. Make this dish before you go and live the Pura Vida for real!