For the majority of people, the best part of October is Halloween. For me though, the best part of October is that it's National Pizza Month! Yes, for those of you who weren’t aware, October is the one month in the year where you get a free pass for eating pizza at every meal “in observance of a national holiday.”

In fact, pizza deserves this holiday because it is one of the greatest foods to ever be created, and I have every reason to back that up. First of all, it’s simple: cheese, sauce, bread is all you really need. It’s extremely hard to mess up a pizza. So because of that simplicity, pizza is also consistent, ~a dependable constant in this everchanging world~. But simplicity and consistency do not make pizza boring.

Another pro to pizza is it’s so versatile that a black truffle, sunny side up egg pizza will be just as mouthwatering as chorizo, sweet corn, and jalapeno one. With pizza, the possibilities are literally endless. As an added bonus, you can find it anywhere, at any price, at any size. Whether you want one giant slice for 99 cents or an entire pie for $15, you can find just the right pizza wherever you are.

I’ve done some research and found the best brands selling all things pizza that'll make you feel like you’re eating at your favorite joint without having to pick up the phone and order delivery.


Gabriela Blanco

Cappello's is a hidden treasure in the sea of frozen pizza brands. We all know the classics like DiGiorno's, RedBaron, and so on. But let's be honest, with all the grease and gluten they've got going on, they never leave you feeling good after. Cappello's, on the other hand, has equally delicious, guilt-free pizzas with their gluten-free, grain-free, almond flour crusts. They sell a naked crust for those who want to feel like a chef and get creative with their toppings. But if you want your pie pre-topped and ready for the oven, they sell pre-made pepperoni, cheese, and Italian sausage versions.

I tried all four and couldn't believe my tastebuds. They tasted way too good to be 1) grain-free 2) gluten-free 3) frozen and 4) pre-made. After about twenty minutes in the oven, the crust was just as crispy, the cheese just as gooey, the sauce just as fresh, and the toppings just as rich as any pizza from any reputable restaurant. What was better about these pies though was I got to make and eat them from the comfort of my own apartment, no delivery fee necessary.

Alpha Foods

Gabriela Blanco

I know I said before that pizza was the most perfect meal in the entire universe. And while still true, some people aren't able to enjoy that perfection, such as those who are vegans. With Alpha Foods, that doesn't have to be the case. Their line of vegan pizzas uses such high-quality dairy-free cheese and meat substitutes that their Supreme and BBQ Chik'n style personal pizzas taste exactly like their non-vegan counterparts. Of the two, the BBQ Chik'n pizza's thin and crispy crust, melty cheese, and tangy BBQ sauce all came together for a mouthwatering bite. On top of that, they cook quickly in a microwave or oven and are an ideal portion size for one person, so you don't have to feel bad about downing the whole thing. And even though I'm not a vegan myself, I'd still go back for one of these pies. Thanks to Alpha Foods, now everyone can celebrate October's best holiday.

Brazi Bites

Gabriela Blanco

Last on my list is an unconventional form of the almighty pizza hailing from Brazi Bites. This brand sells pao de queijo, or Brazilian cheese bread, in a variety of flavors like cheddar & parmesan, garlic asiago, and--most important for the purposes of this article--3 cheese pizza. They're little, golden-brown balls of cheesy dough, ideal for snacking. The 3 cheese pizza kind is stuffed with parmesan, mozzarella, and Italian spices like oregano and basil, making it a miniature pizza bomb. And just to prove how addictive they are, I started out with two decently sized bags and completely inhaled them within four days. 

Sooo there you have it. These are the best pizza brands for your month-long celebration of everyone's favorite food. Now go out and buy some pizza before October is over!!