Who else love the enneagram personality test? Personally, I've really gotten into the enneagram this year; I think it's so interesting that it can help us both grow as individuals and help us better understand others. The test shows your strengths and weaknesses to help guide you to become your best self. There are 9 personality types, each with unique characteristics. Cool, right? So I decided to combine my interest of the enneagram test with my love of breakfast food and bam: this article was born. So if you're stuck in a rut and don't know what to eat for breakfast, match up your type with these breakfast foods. Because why not?!

1. The Reformer

Type ones are all about making things right and balanced. They strive to be the best version of themselves and always have an eye for excellence. Being hard-working and dependable, you can always count on them! If you're a type one, grab a glass of orange juice, your favorite toast toppings, and some fresh fruit- a perfect breakfast to start the day.

2. The Helper

It's not hard to spot a type two in your life- they're patient, caring, and they love to help others! Expressing their feelings and spreading positivity are their strongest suits. Sound like you? Get ready to make this delicious French toast (bonus- the recipe makes enough to share with friends)!

3. The Achiever

Type threes are passionate, goal-oriented, and fast-paced. They are great leaders and their confidence lights up a room! A refreshing smoothie is the perfect breakfast choice for type threes because it will give them enough energy to power through the day. Just add frozen fruit, a banana, some yogurt, and maybe a little greens (because #health) to a blender and there ya go! Enjoy!

4. The Individualist

Type fours feel emotion deeply and seek meaning in everything they interact with. They strive to be unique and often express themselves through art. Always authentic and idealistic, they need some time alone to recharge and think. A warm cup of tea or coffee with a muffin is the perfect breakfast for a morning full of relaxation and contemplation. Here's my favorite muffin recipe!

5. The Investigator

Type fives are deeply fascinated with the world around them. They are always looking for new things to learn and their curiosity keeps them driven. If this sounds like you, you might be curious to know what the most popular breakfast foods are in France. Click here to find out (and maybe you'll find your new favorite breakfast)!

6. The Loyalist

A type six seeks security, comfort, and predictability. They are loyal to their friends and family, and they work hard to create strong bonds with others. The perfect breakfast for a six would include a childhood favorite (hello, captain crunch!) or a cozy stack of pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles to bring back the mems.

7. The Enthusiast

Sevens are high-spirited, spontaneous, and active. They're always up for adventure and excitement in their life! If you're a seven, today's the day to make some delish avocado toast! Go crazy and top your toast with tomatoes, seasoning/herbs, radishes, or an egg to spice things up!

8. The Challenger

Eights radiate confidence and are not afraid to express their thoughts and opinions. Their energy is unmatched and it shows through their strong-minded personality. They are protective and will fight for what they believe in! For an energy-filled breakfast, eights should try this legendary breakfast burrito!

9. The Peacemaker

Type nines are always striving for peace within themselves and with others. They are trusting, warm-hearted, and understanding. To go along with their easygoing personality, a warm and cozy breakfast is something a type nine would love. Make yourself a simple bowl of oatmeal with your favorite nut butter, fruit, and some chocolate. Delicious!

Now that you know what to eat for breakfast, go enjoy the rest of your morning (and don't forget to study)!