Here's a list of basic things that you should eat before and after you work out to maintain a healthy lifestyle.   


1) Banana

banana, vegetable, sweet
Karan Kapoor

Popularly known as the "nature's powerbanks" amongst gym enthusiasts, bananas are loaded with digestible carbs and potassium, which aid in maintaining nerve and muscle functions. Eat a banana before workout will help to maintain the nutrients level in the body high.

2) Peanut Butter

Kartik Sharma

Besides boasting a healthy dose of protein, peanut butter is extremely rich in mono-unsaturated fats, the healthy variety that can prevent heart diseases and is less likely to be stored as body fat.

3) Granola Bar

sweet, nut, pecan, candy, chocolate
Emma Delaney

Being a simple, light and healthy source of carbohydrates, a granola bar can be eaten to boost your workout.

4) Whole Grain Toast 

french toast, sweet, pancake, pastry, toast, syrup, cake, honey
Christin Urso

Whole grains are excellent sources of fibre and contain more nutrients than the refined grains found in foods such as white breads.

5) Nuts

Bhavya Sahay

You should fuel your body with a snack or meal one or two hours before workout. Nuts and seeds are a great source of energy and heart healthy fats.

Post workout

1) Protein shake

Drinking protein shakes after workout helps in muscle recovery, muscle growth as well as for weight loss.

2) Banana

banana, vegetable, sweet
Karan Kapoor

The benefits of banana for gyming are uncountable.

3) Fresh Fruits

Kartik Sharma

Being high in carbs, fresh fruit gives you energy post workout to have an active lifestyle.

4) Greek yogurt

sweet, milk, cream, chocolate
Taylor Treadway

Greek yogurt is packed with proteins, which are very essential for your body to remain fit.

5) Boiled eggs or chick peas

Shreya Sahni

Simply boil them and eat them post workout for a huge protein dose. Pair them up with some fruits because along with proteins you also need carbs and vitamins.