Now that Christmas is over it’s time to prep for the next holiday – New Years. Every year we gather around to celebrate the year to come. With that comes the inevitable question, “What is your resolution?” Basically, what is the thing you are going to try to change or make happen this year. Well, this is what you should be drinking according to whatever your resolution may be.

Drink Less Coffee – Hot Chocolate


Photo by Taylor Choi

Coffee is a necessary evil for a college student or almost any living, working person. Coffee can have some strange effects on your body. You can get your caffeine fix from other drinks, though, like tea or with this hot chocolate recipe.

Do Better In School – Tea

Photo by Denise Chow

So a 4.0 is no longer a possibility, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t reach for the stars when it comes to acing next semester. Remember the rest of the “C’s get degrees” saying is “it pay’s to get A’s.” You’ll be spending a lot of time studying so try out this quick boozy tea recipe for when you take a break.

#SpoonTip: Tea (without the booze) is high in antioxidants and will calm your nerves during those stressful all-nighters.

Eat Healthier – Red Wine


Photo by Sarah Silbiger

Ah, this popular resolution is one of the easiest to give up on after a week of doing a juice cleanse or some other fad diet. If you really are gung-ho about eating more nutritious foods, we got you covered. Sip on some red wine this New Year, it’s got tons of health benefits that won’t make you feel guilty, or go crazy and make these red wine jello shots.

Get Fit


Photo by Alex Tom

So you’re looking to slim down and get fit in 2016. I’m sorry to say that alcohol is not going to help you get there. You don’t have to swear off all alcohol forever but sticking to the basics, such as the always exciting vodka soda and rum & diet Coke, are your best options on a limited basis. And of course, sticking to good ole’ water is always a good idea.

Socialize More – Fadorade


Photo by Max Bartick

Yes, you’re in college – you see people all the time. But how many do you interact with? How many Friday nights have you spent binge-watching Game of Thrones? Too many. Put an end to this with a compromise. Instead of going out invite people over and slurp on this Fadorade.

Spend Less Money – Under $5 Drinks


Photo by Bailey Culpepper

It’s hard to try and spend less money if you don’t have any to begin with (yay college life). You can have your alcohol and drink it too without spending your entire paycheck. Do it with this recipe for fancy drinks that cost less than $5 to make.

Spend More Time With Family – Cocktails For People Who Hate The Taste Of Alcohol


Photo by Jackie Fu

Attack this resolution head on. Spend New Years Eve with mom and dad. This may not be the ideal situation, but you can still enjoy yourself with one of these drinks. And you’ll seem like a grown up when you don’t wince at the taste of alcohol.

Travel More – Coffee


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So you want to get out of your dusty old town for a bit. Maybe you even planned a semester abroad or a kick-ass trip with some friends. Either way, if you’re headed to Europe, you’ve got to get on the coffee train. Europeans have a special coffee culture – to go cups? No way.

Another thing you won’t find is the refreshing cold-brew trend. Skip the alcohol this New Years and sip on your homemade cold-brew because you won’t be having another for a while.