The week of daily Insomnia deliveries, massive baskets and room makeovers has come to an end (I know, it’s sad). In the process of sorting through your goodies to finally make space to walk in your dorm room, you realize that your biggie gave you enough food to literally end world hunger. Here are some ideas of how to transform your leftovers.

1. Chocolate Pretzel Bites


Photo by Rozina Fonyo

These bite-sized treats combine three of the classic Costco-sized gifts from your big. Your whole hall will be knocking on your door begging you for more (you can judge whether that’s good or bad).

2. Trail Mix


Photo by Lexa Rowland

This is an easy way to make the perfect snack to get you through your day, while also putting a dent in your massive food supply.

3. Alcohol-Infused Candy


Photo by Emily Hu

There’s nothing wrong with combining two of life’s simple pleasures, so make gummy bears infused with alcohol or Skittles vodka.

#SpoonTip: This makes for a fun activity with your newly revealed biggie.

4. Candy-Filled Jars


Photo courtesy of @_candyjar_ on Instagram

It’s very hard to refuse candy that’s on display. I guarantee your friends won’t be able to help themselves (especially around 1 am).

5. Candy Sushi


Photo by Dan Dao

When you take two of your favorite things (candy + sushi) and add Rice Krispie Treats, how can you resist? Plus, these are fun to make as a study break.