We’ve all heard the pick up line, “What’s your sign?” far too many times that it’s become a long overused joke, but, maybe, just maybe, these folks are onto something. Astrology and relationships have long been entwined and, since food is the way to your partner’s heart, perhaps cooking for his or her star sign is the perfect way in.

Capricorn – Empanadas


Photo by Bernard Wen

Hard and diligent workers, Capricorns are not interested in the frilly and fussy things in life. The perfect way to impress one of these constant overachievers is to make a meal filled with tons of prep to make something delicious, but not something frilly.

If you’ve ever made empanadas, you know that it’s a long process, but the pay off is always delicious and well worth it. It’s not a colorful meal, though it can be very pretty and photogenic, but that’s not why a Capricorn would love it. They’ll love that you were willing to put in the work.

Aquarius – Homemade Sushi


Photo by Eva Chen

Aquariuses are an eclectic bunch but one thing that they are for sure is creative. You’ll get big points for trying something that many others wouldn’t attempt in the kitchen and you’ll get even more points for making something that’s totally vegetarian.

Aquariuses are big on making the world a better place so it’s very in their wheelhouse to participate in Meatless Mondays or even take the step all the way to vegetarian. In homemade sushi, you’ve found a way to be creative and socially-conscious and any Aquarius would be excited for a meal like this.

Pisces – Pancakes


Photo by Danny Shuleman

Pisces, like Capricorn, aren’t looking for a super fancy meal, but for a very different reason. In fact, if you spent hours in the kitchen cooking for your partner, he or she might feel a little guilt. Far from egotistical, Pisces appreciate the simple things and are generally patient and gentle creatures. Pancakes for dinner, for some might, be considered sort of a cop-out, but for Pisces, it’s a sweet and simple gesture.

Aries – Shakshuka


Photo by Ashley Manning

People born under Aries are ambitious, spontaneous, and super competitive, but one thing they are not is patient. If you are preparing a five course meal, you better have it ready before your partner arrives. Otherwise, your better bet is to make a delicious (and healthy since Aries can be pretty active) meal that doesn’t take too long.

Shakshuka is probably something your partner has never heard of before and he or she will be excited to be the first among their friends to try this Middle Eastern dish. Bonus: it only takes ten minutes of prep.

Taurus – Spaghetti di Nero


Photo by Katie Huang

Taurus gets a bad reps sometimes for being particularly stubborn and inflexible, but these negatives don’t outweigh the positives. Tauruses are extremely loving and patient, not to mention persistent. The inflexibility may be a bit of a problem when it comes to food though.

Spaghetti is a nice stand-by and a Taurus will be happy to have something so familiar, but if you want to encourage your partner to come out of their shell a bit, try spaghetti di nero, squid ink spaghetti. Your partner will appreciate this recipe for the practicality of using just one pot. It may take a little prodding but he or she may come to love trying this new dish.

Gemini – Pomegranate Steak


Photo courtesy of food52.com

Gemini is known as “the twins” for a reason. This sign is known for being particularly fickle and two-faced, but with the twins also comes a versatility. They love novelty and trying new things and they adapt to new experiences pretty well. Giving a Gemini a weird food combination, like a pomegranate flank steak, is the best way to win one over. Your partner will love the way you embrace the unusual, just like them.

Cancer – Baked Mac and Cheese


Photo by Alia Wilhelm

Like Taurus, Cancer can be pretty stubborn, but they are particularly stubborn in the things that they love. They can be little clingy to the things or people they love most and can get a little overemotional.

The best meal for them is simple and nostalgic, like a homemade mac and cheese. A childhood staple for many, this recipe brings back the emotions of coming in on a cold day to a hot bowl of Mom’s famous mac and cheese. Your partner will love being brought back to that time and will appreciate you for bringing them all those emotions.

Leo – Steak Dinner


Photo by Daniel Schuleman

As the most dominant of all the signs, Leos might have a little problem with letting you take control of the cooking, but if you convince your partner to let you take the reigns on this one, be sure you live up to those expectations.

Leos like lavish things and penny-pinching is a bit no-no. Practicality is not really what they are looking for in a dish. They want a meal that tastes and looks fancy. Like Gemini, a steak dinner is a good way to go, but leave the weird food combos out of it. Instead, make a ribeye with all the fixings. Bonus: your partner will never know you only spent $10.

Virgo – Avocado Quesadilla


Photo courtesy of Andrea Kang from Flickr

Since they aren’t very emotionally expressive, it may be hard to read if your Virgo partner likes the meal you prepared. Although they can be overly critical, Virgos don’t always let it show if they dislike something, so that may lead to a bit of paranoia on your end, but don’t worry too much.

Virgos are also patient and practical. Avocado quesadillas are your perfect match. It’s easy to make, which is great for your partner who appreciates the practicality of it, and great for you because it’s hard to mess up. You’re pretty much guaranteed to make a delicious meal, so you don’t have to worry about if your partner is just being too nice and quiet to say if he or she thinks something went wrong.

Libra – Fondue Dinner


Photo by Hannah Giardina

Nothing says romance like a fondue dinner and nobody loves romance quite like a Libra. As the most harmonious sign, Libras are very peaceable and calm people. They are great at sharing and, in fact, they really like it. A fondue feast is filled with sharing, which a Libra would find as being close and comfortable with their loving partner. Your partner would appreciate you wanting to be so close and would want this dinner date to never end.

Scorpio – Sweet Potato, Kale, and Chickpeas Bowl


Photo by Megan Prendergast

Scorpio isn’t in it for what is on the surface. Underneath a Scorpio is a strong intensity and passionate emotions. If you’re not ready for an intense relationship, you’re not ready for a Scorpio and they are not afraid to let you know it.

A frilly meal means nothing to a Scorpio. They don’t care if it’s pretty; they care that you worked hard for them. While a vegan sweet potato, kale, and chickpea bowl doesn’t actually take that long to make, it does take some work and the healthfulness will be appreciated by a Scorpio who needs to eat healthy to fuel all that energy in them. Also, they’ll love the vegan aspect, as Scorpios believe in doing meaningful work and being a part of a cause.

Sagittarius – Jamaican Chicken Curry


Photo by Bonnie Wu

Sagittariuses have a positive outlook on life. They love trying new things and want to see the world – they also want to taste the world. The best meal for them is something that you are able to make at home that he or she could also find across the world.

Curry is a staple of Asian cuisine. This recipe takes a little time, but it’ll all be worth it when your partner lights up after seeing the dish. They’ll love knowing that you’re willing to travel the world, even just from the kitchen, with them.