You're about to embark down I-95 for Georgia-Florida Weekend. Your specially-made playlist blasts the speakers and a cooler filled with bottom-shelf liquor takes up the back seat. You may not even have to have a ticket to the game, but you have a general game plan.

Whether you've heard the stories or you're an experienced veteran, it never hurts to be over-prepared. This is not your average tailgate. Make sure you're armed and ready with the essentials.

Extra Bottled Water

Rebecca Buechler

Bring the whole pack. Don't just bring your S'well bottle and a plastic bottle filled with vodka or silver. You don't want to worry about losing a nice water bottle, and you definitely want to keep hydrated. And like everything on this list, get it BEFORE you leave, because the stores will be packed.

La Croix

Rebecca Buechler

A healthier, trendier means of hydration, your can of La Croix is also your chaser and personal accessory. Choose wisely, because your natural flavor can say a lot about you.

Fanny Pack

cake, beer
Isabel Bowman

Ditch the clear bags for this game day. You don't want your stuff falling out of your pockets, and hands-free is ideal. The fanny is the functional and fratty way to go.

Granola Bars

Rachel Hartman

Snag a box and an extra for your more unprepared friends. Hitting Frat Beach or the game on an empty stomach is not the move. A bar will help you get by on the drive down, serve as your go-to snack on the go and as a quick breakfast bar.

Tostitos Hint of Lime and Salsa

Rebecca Buechler

Take your chips and dip game to the next level without putting in too much time and money. While it's not the same as Barberitos, it's a beachy twist on the classic party pairing that's guaranteed to help you make new friends. 

Halloween Costume

Sofía Vainesman

Georgia-Florida Weekend always falls around Halloween, and you better believe people are in the spirit. There's probably a girl who will throw on a tutu and a flower crown, and maybe a guy in a toga, but anything goes for the most part. Wear what you want, but if you're planning on a bathing suit, keep in mind that it's still fall. 

Some Sort of Friend-Tracking App

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Jocelyn Hsu

The last thing you want is to lose your ride back home in Jacksonville and spend all Sunday morning tracking him or her down. It's easy to get split up in all the chaos. Have a game plan, keep your phone charged, and know where your friends are at all times. Download an app, turn location on, and check your Snapchat Map often.


Rebecca Buechler

That five hour drive can really make you sore and give you a head ache. The morning after partying all weekend can do a toll on your body, too. Make sure you have some ibuprofen handy so you feel somewhat alive for class Monday. 

Party smart and go Dawgs!