I recently spent a day following The Rock's diet because, #1 I'm crazy, and #2 I'm crazy. I even wrote an entire article about my experience. (Find it by searching I Tried Eating like The Rock For A Day in Spoon University) However, part of this challenge meant researching exactly what The Rock eats in an average day and making all of that food for myself. 

The meal plan I followed is slightly adapted from the meal plan published in this article, with a couple tweaks to account for ingredients I couldn't find or wanting to use up all the groceries I had bought. The meal plan includes 6 meals, almost 5,000 calories, and so, so much cooking time. However, the challenge was a success in the end.

Meal #1:

rice, risotto, vegetable, pork, meat
Ellie Gilchrist

10 scrambled eggs whites

3 servings of oatmeal

Some chives to make eating 10 scrambled egg whites a little easier.

Meal #2:

Ellie Gilchrist

1 of the biggest chicken breast I've ever seen

2 cups of asparagus

3 cups of yams

Meal #3:

rice, pork
Ellie Gilchrist

I think this meal was what The Rock probably classifies as a snack. If a snack is:

3 tins of tuna + relish

1 cup of celery + a spoonful of peanut butter

2 cups of rice

Meal #4:

salmon, asparagus, grilled salmon, rice
Ellie Gilchrist

1 very yummy XL salmon fillet

3 cups of rice

2 cups of asparagus

Meal #5:

broccoli, steak, salmon, chicken
Ellie Gilchrist

1 6oz steak (yummmm)

2 cups of broccoli

3 cups of yams

Meal #6:

rice, pork, meat
Ellie Gilchrist

The last meal of the day is, in a weird full circle moment, the same as the very first meal I had 14 hours earlier. It also compounded the fact that I never want to eat another scrambled egg white ever again.

10 scrambled egg whites

3 servings of oatmeal

A sprinkle of chives


This meal plan is absolutely ridiculous for the average human, but for a guy like The Rock who has almost no fat on his body and works out 6 days a week — it works for him. My experience of trying this diet as a 135 pound girl was very eye-opening, honestly such a joke, and very rewarding. To see what I mean, click on that search bar up top and type in "I Tried Eating Like The Rock For A Day".