Beer. Not only is it one of the most popular forms of booze across the nation and college parties alike, but it's versatile. You can shotgun a cold one, add it in cocktails. On the contrary, while beer haters alike would say that all beer tastes like utter piss and should delete itself from the face of the planet as soon as possible, that's not necessarily the case with beer from Blue Point Brewing. In fact, they're so die-hard about creating and selling good beer that they recently came out with two new children; one's named 'What the L' while the other child's named 'The IPA.' With that said, here's what you need to know in regards to both beers.

What the L

If you're like myself and live within one of the five boroughs of New York city, then you're highly aware of how god-awful the MTA is. It's either delayed, going through renovations or a service change, or just non-existent when you need it the most.

Because of such grief that us New Yorkers go through on the daily, Blue Point Brewing created What The L? in response to said L-Train Shutdown. What The L? is a helles-style lager with 5.7% ABV. The price of the beer itself varies between retailers, so don't come at me if the price isn't what you're expecting it to be. The label art of the beer was created by local NY artist Winston Tseng, who is a graphic artist and art director best known for his graphic work for skateboard company Enjoi. It gives the can a sardonic feel, which is perfect to drink to when your train gets delayed.


Blue Point Brewing decided to join in on the fun of the popularity of IPAs and released their own IPA known as The IPA. With an ABV of 6%, it's slightly stronger than What the L, but still not enough to get you drunk on the first go-about. Its IBU is 40 and the IPA comes in packs of 6 with each can containing 12 ounces of beer. Speaking from experience with sampling the IPA itself, it's best to keep it chill for awhile prior to consumption... because nobody wants warm beer, or beer that will oxidize on them. Beer's meant for drinking, not for going to waste.

By the end of the day, some people will still say that beer is beer and that it doesn't matter which brand it's from, which is a valid point, but it's safe to say that Blue Point Brewing differentiates itself from the other beer companies that are out on the beer market in the sense that they try to understand us beer consumers and what they want in a beer.