Omelettes are without a doubt one of the best ways to consume eggs.  However, does being vegan mean that you have to miss out on this breakfast staple? Would you ever considered trying a vegan omelette?  Whether your response is yes or no, I bet that there's a part of you that's wondering, what the heck are vegan eggs, and where do they come from?Just Egg is your answer, and  no, we're not talking about the eggs that come from birds.  Just Egg is a product that proves that eggs can come from plants, and they are delicious and nutritious.

What's In JUST EGG?

Despite how it sounds, there is sadly not a plant that lays eggs.   Contrary to the brand name, Just Egg contains anything but egg. A major component of Just Egg is mung bean protein isolate which is a common food additive for items such as ice cream and pasta. Mung bean protein isolate is a functional protein that can be used as a direct replacement of animal protein in human diets known as GRAS-Generally recognized as safe by the FDA.  

The next notable ingredient is gellan gum.  Gellan gum is a binding agent in foods that is comparable to agar or xanthan gum, and it basically gives foods a gelatinous component.  Gellan gum is what helps to give that eggy texture we all know and, more or less, love.  But where does it come from?  In nature, it can be found on water lilies, but it can also be manufactured by fermentation of sugar and specific types of bacteria.

Aside from the two ingredients above, Just Egg is composed of: water, expeller-pressed canola oil, less than 2% of calcium citrate, enzyme, natural carrot extractives & turmeric (for color), onion puree, salt, soy lecithin, sugar, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, and preservatives nisin and potassium sorbate.

Nutrition Facts

Noticeable nutritional differences between eggs and this egg substitute include their calorie counts, grams of protein, sodium, fat content, and cholesterol content.  While Just Egg contains only 45 calories per egg (3 tbsp), one real egg contains 70 calories.  As for protein, Just Egg contains only one less gram of protein than that of a chicken egg.  Just Egg contains a little more than twice as much sodium than a real egg, but Just Egg contains zero cholesterol whereas a chicken egg contains almost 200 mg.  Finally, Just Egg contains only half as much fat as chicken eggs do.

Eggs in moderation are healthy for regular diets, don't get me wrong.  However, Just Egg is highly praised by vegans and non-vegans alike simply because they love the nutrition content and taste. 

What Can You Make With Just Egg?

This plant based egg can be used as an egg substitute in any dish with a scrambled egg component to it.  Omelettes, breakfast sandwiches, burritos, fried rice, frittatas, scrambles, and even quiche can be easily made.  There's tons of recipes and inspo that you can find on their instagram (@EatJust) and their website.  The world is your oyster, or should I say eggshell?  

Additionally, you may find that your local brunch spot may offer vegan dishes that utilize Just egg.  This would be the perfect opportunity for you to give them a try before buying your own bottle. Next time your friends or family ask, "What the heck are vegan eggs and where do they come from?" you'll be able to give them  all the tasty information they need.

Where to Find JUST EGG

Because of its increasing popularity, Just Egg can be found at many grocery stores today.  Grocery stores that keep this egg substitute stocked on their shelves include locations such as Whole Foods, Better Health Market, Fresh Thyme, Plum Market, Kroger, and many others.  It can be pretty pricey, but if you're looking to lower your cholesterol, have a more sustainable diet, or become vegan, then Just egg can be a nice way to treat yourself to a healthy brunch. Just Egg is a bit expensive in comparison to regular eggs;  One 12oz bottle of Just Egg is $7.99, whereas a dozen eggs from Kroger is around $1. So yeah, if you're ever looking to treat yourself to a trendy, nutritious, sustainable omelette, Just Egg is the perfect solution. 

In Conclusion

  It's understandable that not everyone can afford to indulge in this health-forward brunch item every day of the week.  However, it is worth an occasional splurge if you're craving some quality vegan eggs. While Just Egg may not be for you, your vegan friends will appreciate the newly found knowledge of this sustainable, plant-based egg replacement. Spread the word, the environment will thank you.