With the end of the school year comes a plethora of free time-so much so that you often don't know what to do with it. For me, I'm using that time to get back into a hobby I used to have: reading. Recently, I got into the 'A Court of Thorns and Roses' series by Sarah J. Maas. Belated? Maybe. But now that I have read it, it's hard to stop thinking about it 

Since I wanted someone to freak out with, naturally, I got my friend, Adam, into the series, too. We got to thinking: Obviously, these characters exist in a fantastical, made-up world. But what if these characters were in the real world, and what would happen if they decided to order coffee from Starbucks

Since we're going into the summer, we thought it'd be a fun concept to start your months off with. 

Photo by Shayna Douglas on Unsplash

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Now since there are far too many characters to count, I’ve narrowed it down to a good handful.

*Note: These are solely the opinions of the author and her friend.* 

1. Feyre Archeron

Alice Li

(Photo credits: MorganaOAnagrom on Twitter/ beauty.bycarrie on Instagram) 

There’s a lot to be said about Feyre. As the main character, she’s got a lot weighing down on her shoulders. But going off her personality, we ultimately decided she would be an economic tall Pike brew, more for the heat than the taste. She secretly delights in sweeteners. 

2. Nesta Archeron

Alice Li

(Photo credits: godaelin on Twitter/Starbucks on Instagram) 

I genuinely think the eldest Archeron sister would enjoy the seasonal peppermint mocha, and she would probably take it hot. With a chilly peppermint bite to it, overlying the warm mocha sweetness, this drink is a wonderfully complex essential, just like Nesta. We think she’d appreciate the festive frills of the seasonal drinks, and the utility of a hot drink for the cold weather. 

3. Elain Archeron

Alice Li

(Photo credits: Art by Artemis on Tumblr/ victualphotography on Instagram)

Look, we both agreed that if anything, Elain is a tea-girl only. She’d go for a nice shaken iced tea, particularly one as yummy as the Guava White Tea. It’s sweet, floral, delicate, and she would get it half-sweetened so she could still taste the tea. Plus, look at that color! Totally matches her aesthetic. 

4. Tamlin 

Alice Li

(Photo credits: dominiquewesson on Instagram/ Starbucks Australia)

Tamlin’s also not a coffee person, but he does need some caffeine for his high-pressure job. He’d definitely go for an Earl Grey, hot, with honey. It’s earthy, a bit herbal, and the honey brings sweetness and floral notes reminiscent of the Spring Court. 

5. Lucien 

Alice Li

(Photo credits: dominiquewesson on Instagram/adventuresof3mily on Instagram) 

Listen, Lucien has been through a lot, and honestly, he deserves the best of the best. That means, of course, he would get the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Although originally from the Autumn Court (hence the fall vibes), he now resides in the temperate Spring Court. Hence, he would get it iced, to better suit the moderate climate. It’s not basic, it’s classic 😎 ✨ 

6. Amarantha 

Alice Li

(Photo credits: Merwild on Tumblr and Starbucks

Amarantha would get the popular drink just to get the popular drink. Think of her like Regina George, and her drink needs to scream special. She forces her underlings to go and get it for her, and if there’s anything wrong with her Iced Caramel Cloud Macchiato, they’ll suffer the consequences. 

7. Rhysand 

Alice Li

(Photo credits: Charlie-Bowater on DeviantArt/ohmytaro_ on Instagram)

You don’t know what’s in the cup except for the fact it’s hot coffee. Similar to how no one seems to know everything Rhys is thinking, no one knows what he’s drinking, either. His go-to order might be the overwhelmingly sweet Cocoa Cloud Macchiato. He would get it hot specifically for the opaque cup because he likes his secrets. My friend and I both agree this has his name written all over. (Plus, bonus points for the Corgi)

8. Cassian 

Alice Li

(Photo credits: dominiquewesson on Instagram/ Holly Walker on Totally the Bomb)

It took us a long time to reach a verdict with this one, mainly because they haven’t reached the point in the books where he’s introduced. But Cassian is a hard one to pin down, regardless, just because his look does not match what his order would be, at all. In the end, we decided that he would be the type of guy who puts up a big fuss about going to Starbucks and then order an elaborate, colorful drink that’s not on the core menu. Maybe the Moana Frappuccino that graced the secret menu scene, or remember the Unicorn Frappuccino? He would order it just for the ‘Gram, then make Rhys drink it because he inevitably hates it. 

9. Azriel 

Alice Li

(Photo credits: dominiquewesson on Instagram/ Starbucks on Instagram)

Listen, Azriel is the stereotypical NorthEasterner who’s drinking iced coffee in 20-degree weather (AKA me). No matter the weather, his go-to order would be a venti Honey Almond Milk Cold Brew, because just like him, it has a hidden touch of sweetness. There are no secrets, especially since it comes in a clear cup, and Az has everything and nothing to hide. 

10. Morrigan 

Alice Li

(Photo credits: wictorian_art on Instagram and Starbucks)

Mor is always down for a good drink with her friends, but since Starbucks doesn’t offer alcoholic drinks, we decided on the next best thing. Just like the Starbucks Reserve Hazelnut Bianco Latte, she’s powerful yet graceful, as well as rich and sophisticated. The drink has depth and it’s only available at select locations, just like how Mor only lets her true self shine through when she’s around loved ones. She doesn’t let her past define her present and marches to the beat of her own drum. 

11. Amren  

Alice Li

(Photo credits: Charlie Bowater on Tumblr and Starbucks)

Ancient, powerful, and tough as nails, Amren is capable of making someone run away in terror with one raised brow. Yet she remains beloved by her friends and family, and no one can picture life without her. For those reasons, we peg her order as a simple Iced Espresso, with nothing added to it. Just like her, it’s intimidating and doesn’t need frivolous additions to get its bold point across. 

It's always fun to imagine what some of your favorite characters might choose for their coffee drinks, especially when they come from somewhere as iconic as Starbucks. Maybe you'll be inspired by this list to try something new this summer!