Halloween has officially come to an end, but don't fear, the best day of the year is almost here (Thanksgiving, duh). With so many different things to be thankful for, I'm sure we can agree on at least one common thing: food. More specifically, a day where it is socially acceptable, and actually expected, to straight up stuff your faces. Just like how each of us if different, made up of different personalities, so is food. 

Let's take a look at which of your beloved Thanksgiving foods match you based on your personality:

1. Turkey: Strong, Powerful, Stubborn

turkey, chicken, duck, goose
Morgan Goldberg

This classic Thanksgiving dish is loaded with protein, a vital component to the human diet. Turkey meat in particular is almost always "dark meat." Protein is basically the staple of "strength" and since Turkey is a pure protein, it represents this fierce personality

2. Stuffing: Laidback, Lazy, Care-free

Liz Kaplan

This amazing dish consists of so many random things, almost as if one has just tossed all of their leftovers into the oven, yet it tastes amazing. The list of ingredients is endless and can vary, but the main components are dried bread, breadcrumbs, pork sausage meat, onion, celery, and tons of spices. It's easy to say that preparing this plate doesn't take up a lot of time or effort, and is perfect for a laid back person.

3. Sweet Potato Casserole: Happy, Lovable, Warm

pumpkin, sweet, cream, sweet potato
Lauren D'Amore

This beautiful mushy combination, consisting of sweet potato and marshmallows, couldn't be more delightful. When this hits your tongue, the warmth will give you a mixed feeling of happiness and love. 

4. Cranberry Sauce: Unpredictable, Spontaneous, Moody

jam, sweet, berry, marmalade, gelatin, cranberry sauce, compote
Helena Lin

This festive holiday sauce, made basically of mushed up cranberries, surprisingly always tastes different. Every Thanksgiving there is a new taste to it ranging from super sweet to super sour. It's easy to say that the cranberry sauce will always throw you off by surprise. 

5. Roasted Vegetables: Boring

vegetable, onion, carrot, pepper, celery, saute
Kathleen Lee

For some odd reason there always tends to be some sort of vegetable combination served at Thanksgiving, despite the fact that there are so many other fun side dishes available. If you're scouting out the vegetables hidden in the mix of so many delicious treats, you're pretty lame.