Ariana Grande recently posed a very important question to her Twitter followers. If you were a type of soup what kind of soup would you be based on your personality? She went on to say that she was most likely a miso, or maybe butternut squash. Now she's got everyone wondering, what soup am I?

Broccoli Cheddar Soup

This soup is warm, creamy, and exactly what you need when you’re nursing a hangover. This person DEFINITELY went out last night, and yeah it was a Tuesday. They love a good time and won’t let their midterm/paper/project due tomorrow stop them from going out. They’re super social and seem to be friends with people wherever they go. They’ve got a big personality, maybe too big at times, but that’s okay. They are gonna chug three red bulls and pull an all-nighter tonight to make up for all the work they procrastinated but somehow they’ll get it all done. 

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If you don’t know what this soup is, keep scrolling. You’re not it. This person is just a bit more cultured than everyone else. They probably studied abroad and definitely talk about how it was a “life-changing experience” all the time, but we don't blame them. They don’t watch TV because why would they when they have books? As a junior, they haven’t quite figured out what they’re gonna major in yet, but are leaning toward philosophy or maybe art history, who knows. They love museums, claiming to speak multiple languages, and having their parents pay for things.

Brazilian bouillabase

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Chicken Noodle Soup

Just like this soup, this person is classic, kind, and always there for you when you need them most. People call this person the “mom” of the group. They’re the most caring person you’ve ever met. After a rough day or long night, they’re always there to give you the best advice and a big, warm hug. They’re effortlessly beautiful, but have no idea or just don’t really care. They’ve probably been in a relationship for a long time and are secretly already planning the wedding. They seem to have it all together but won’t look down on you for being a mess. 

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Vegan Gazpacho

This person is a little bit strange and a lot healthy, just like this chilly soup. They probably bike to work or at least have a hybrid car. They major in environmental science or public policy and fully plan on saving the planet. All the power to that! They are vegetarian or vegan you can watch them meal prepping on their Instagram stories every weekend. They’re all about thrift shopping and have three different recycling bins in their house, all for different purposes. They’re always one for a smile and a nice wave unless of course, you’re wearing fur. 

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Lobster Bisque

This person definitely appreciates the finer things in life and hey, what's wrong with that? Yeah, they might spend more than the average person on clothes, trips, and definitely food but they look good doing it! They're always following the latest trends. You probably follow them on Instagram because their life just looks envious...kind of like the feeling you get when you see that person in the restaurant who ordered lobster bisque. They seem to have it all together but probably have no idea what they’re doing...just like the rest of us. 


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